5 Best Android TV Boxes in 2020

πŸ‘‰5 – Fire TV Stick 4K –
πŸ‘‰4 – Roku Express HD –
πŸ‘‰3 – Mi Box S Xiaomi Original –
πŸ‘‰2 – NVIDIA Shield TV –
πŸ‘‰1 – NVIDIA Shield TV Pro –

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40 Replies to “5 Best Android TV Boxes in 2020”

  1. Jack Aydostan

    The Xiaomi mi s firmware is currently running on Android TV 9 Pie and now has full Hd and 4k support for Amazon Prime video as well as Netflix and all the other popular streaming services, if you want a decent affordable streaming device it can't be beat.

  2. Michael Aldrich

    Just so your aware you improperly stated the Firestick 4K had 8 GB RAM, the actual specs are: 1.5 GB of DDR4 RAM, 8GB internal storage, and a 1.7 GHz quad-core CPU, and Technologies PowerVR GE8300 GPU.

  3. Peter Martin

    I travel a lot do you know a gadget that can stream from the screen of my McBook Pro, to the tv in my motel or hotel room when I am on the road? I get all the tv shows and movies on my pc, but I would like to watch them in a bigger size on the tv. I do not want to by something fancy it is just for streaming if it is the right word! Thanks

  4. Liberty Action

    this review is not only innacurate its dishonest. he uses negatives on the nvidia stick that also apply to the firestick but never mentioned the storage issue of the fire stick…but here is one you can verify on your own. look at the remote for the mibox he criticizes for being too simplistic….now go take a look at the fire stick remote.
    bottom line fire sticks are cool but I feel like ever since I got it I feel like I'm doing nothing but trying to figure out work arounds to its many Many short comings

  5. Warnndog

    I find it funny that numbers 4 and 5 are not android devices. I would think about changing the title of your video best streaming devices instead of best android tv boxes.

  6. alexandra

    Other reviews place skystream 3 plus and 3 pro and now the skystream pro 8K box ahead of nviashield. Nivia being best for gamers though. Shocked it didnt make ur top 5. Did you even test it? I need to know, im gonna buy today!

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