5 Awesome Mini Drones (price included) 2017

Five great mini drones. For more info follow links below.
0:00 ➤ Micro Drone 3.0 – (Amazon US & International)
3:03 ➤ Hover Camera – (Amazon US & International)
6:19 ➤ SKEYE Nano Drone with Camera –
7:14 ➤ Aerix Nano Drone for Beginners –
8:43 ➤ Mota JetJat Ultra – (Amazon US & International)
In no particular order.

Best Small Drones 2017 –

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23 Replies to “5 Awesome Mini Drones (price included) 2017”

  1. OpinionDay007

    i like the way they show the nano drone at 6.30mins, its as if there is a fucking nano pilot in the damn thing flying it for you , if you have ever flown a drone inside a house you may know what i mean…it ain't that easy.

  2. revenger681

    I'm getting the micro drone 3.0 after buying the Cheerston cx and the eachine foldable drones, they're a lot of fun. as a owner of a handful of dji full fledged drones I'm often asked "why buy toy grade drones?", my answer is simple: no faa regulations and red tape, drones like the mini drone 3.0 have a lot of capability built in. 10 years from now, how capable will micro and mini drones be? Some mini drones even have decent cameras built in.

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