[4K HDR] The Witcher 3 Blood and Wine on Xbox One X Analysis!

With Pro and X upgrades, often the DLC upgrades are overlooked in our work. The Witcher 3’s Blood and Wine upgrade boasted some really impressive visuals, so we thought we’d show the Xbox One X rendering them in 4K (dynamic res) mode with full HDR!

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28 Replies to “[4K HDR] The Witcher 3 Blood and Wine on Xbox One X Analysis!”

  1. Anthony Hill

    I just bought an X for RDR2. I wish I would have seen this video back in January, it would have made me buy the X back then. Looks like I've got to get back into Witcher 3 after RDR2 is completed.

  2. Ultra G33K

    I find it interesting they don't mention the banding on the sky box for this game when praising the HDR. The HDR makes that issue worse and it can be quite distracting when playing. This is a fault of how they rendered the sky box and didn't touch it when the did this upscale patch for the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro. The only way to get ride of that banding is with various mods it seems on PC which i can't be bothered messing with.

  3. gaelenfade

    lol xbox 4k lmao. Yeah if you turn off everything. My PC is SLI Titan X Pascals thats what you need to run real 4k. This is 4k resolution but how much did they give to get it and is it 60 fps? Hell no.

  4. Love Me

    There is a major lighting glitch for the Xbox one x players after they tried to patch the game recently. There are dark circles everywhere in Toussaint so its pretty game breaking. They need to fix it its my favorite game and I just got the Xbox one x.

  5. Justin Y.

    Hey could someone tell me if a freesync monitor is useful if the max frame rate is 30 and freesync range is 70 to 144? If this sounds stupid do point that out also. Frame rate of witcher 3 on ps4 pro varies from 25 to 30 fps.

  6. Gary Laws

    Well I guess while were waiting on HDR for pc you can always use Reshade, it's got a "Fake HDR" setting that does something to the contrast and colors and works on a SD display. It actually looks pretty good in a lot of games but it's nothing compared to real HDR. I guess just use it for now until they release the HDR patch on PC. Also I didn't know patches could be timed exclusives lol that's just silly.

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