[4K HDR] Best HDR Games for PS4/Xbox One – The Digital Foundry Selection

What are the best high-dynamic range games available today? HDR support is widespread on PS4 and Xbox One, but some titles excel more than others in their brilliance. Tom and John take a few personal picks from the creme of the crop.

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22 Replies to “[4K HDR] Best HDR Games for PS4/Xbox One – The Digital Foundry Selection”

  1. Vesselin Krastev

    Got a new phone recently and came back to watch this on HDR. It does look cool. I don't know if I'm blown away exactly but the difference is definitely obvious. Then again, I'm not sure how well my phone's screen compares to a high end TV.

  2. Scott Smith

    My 4K set is budget priced, so I just assumed that the display settings for my TV were basic. It didn't come with a user's manual. So I wasn't blown away with how it displayed a HDR picture. Today I was messing around with the settings and stumbled upon the settings to tweak the image. Finally, I see what all the fuss is about.

  3. Vincent G.

    HDR offer to cover 70% of colorimetric spectre of human visibility (1 billion colors) instead of 30% for SDR (65 millions colors), and i can see all newbies only focus and thinking than HDR is "light" effects and nits power…
    HDR add more colors shade (a lot) and so add more realistics colors. A HDR scene have more presence than SDR.
    Last but no least, forget HDR on LCD who is far from OLED and dont fall in samsung trap with QLED who is a old tech you using already (LCD).

  4. Adam Hyams

    Resident Evil 2 has a horrible colour filter over everything for some reason. Makes dark areas look grey rather than black and colours have a weird green hue.

    Whilst Xbox One X and PS4 Pro users are unfortunately stuck with it, but there are PC mods that remove it giving much more natural looking colours and dark areas can actually be black in areas with no light, just as they should be rather than just being grey.

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