4K Gaming Consoles Were a Mistake

4K has been the major push with the latest crop of gaming consoles, but there doesn’t seem to be much hype around it. With only certain games taking advantage of these features and 4K TVs struggling to penetrate the market, console manufacturers should have went a different route with the PS4 and Xbox One X.


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36 Replies to “4K Gaming Consoles Were a Mistake”

  1. TheRagingPeen

    Late, but it's not just a subjective feeling. The lower the frame rate, the more per pixel motion blur and less perceived resolution. It's why 1080p 120fps with BFI enabled looks better than 4k 60fps. I don't understand the push for 4k gaming, especially when a majority of panels today aren't even close to 1ms (excluding OLED).

  2. TheSurge '

    Where frame rate matters most (the multiplayer) a lot of games this gen have been 60fps, bro. On the enhanced mid gen refreshes ( Xbox One X in particular) there's been options to run your games at higher framerates in the singleplayer too.

  3. Matthew Golden

    It probably has more to do with GPU vs CPU prices and how they scale when creating a cheaper console in the millions of units….it probably isn't coincidence that both Sony and Xbox went higher res over FPS. IF you want it all, buy a PC! A Console will ALWAYS be a compromise and the average gamer doesn't even know what FPS is.

  4. Илья Ермолаев

    It is 2018, red dead redemption 2 is out as well as Spider-Man and god of war for ps4, all of them locked to 30 FPS. Pretty much nobody is mentioning that in their reviews and it is not seen as a problem by the majority of gaming community, which is a damn shame! Honestly, I feel, this battle has already been lost on consoles, unfortunately. That’s why I’m not even considering buying myself a console (other than a switch maybe). Great video, dude! Good to see that somebody still cares.👍

  5. Sub Sonic Rebasses

    I think 4K is useless..its the same as 1080P…higher resolution is just making dark areas impossible to see at all…and thats like the only difference with 4k to 1080P…4K you can't even see..there is literally no difference except when it comes to deeper blacks which we do not need at all and i agree man…why the hell aren't consoles not reaching PC level of hardware yet WTF!!!

  6. bakugai

    Everything you said in this video was on par or just about accurate. I could not have said it better myself, the moment consoles started aiming for 4K, the game companies has fallen short of how to deliver true quality. I find it frustrating that they released the standard PS4 and XBOX ONE in a state where they can only run a majority of games at 30fps.

  7. Darzo

    I would prefer 1080p 60fps on my xbox one x and ps4 pro. It still looks great on my 4k 58inch TV, it's upscales very well and i still get HDR. I do have a i7 6700k pc but I can't ve bothered with it lol

  8. Jay Renault

    The thing is, once the graphics get better and better, they will improve the actual picture less and less. And since this is all some companies do with their consoles as it seems, I'd like to know what they'll do once people don't see an improvement anymore.

  9. CannibalGames

    4K is a gimmick, forget the big generational leaps of the past, gaming becoming more and more stagnant as AAA industry is dying out and indie is the place to be right now, the only good console that is helping the gamers and the industry is the Switch, kudos to Nintendo for thinking outside the box yet again.

  10. TheErnieforss

    Its harder to sell fps compared to resolution. Also i don't think majority of people had a 1080p tv until 3 years ago or so. I know a ton of people that didnt have a 1080p tv during ps3 xbox 360 era.

    Even if its fake 4k, it still is better than 1080p. Its like complaining that cherry flovored candy doesnt taste like real cherries. It still taste better than black jelly beans.

  11. Joe DeJoy

    Only question how are we supposed to get better 4k or better resolution or even better frame rates without starting somewhere and seeing how the product will play out these console are a test like lab rats testing out capabilities and how all that will work out before we can get into the real thing

  12. DarthVapor007

    Of course this was published before the release of the One X. I personally have a PS4 I also had a Pro. I was very disappointed in the performance of the Pro compared to my 4tb PS4. I returned the console after two weeks. On the 7th I picked up the project Scorpio One X. Hooked it up and straight out the box I didn’t have issues with not being able to recognize 4k and hdr. With that being said this console is everything that the pro should have been a year ago. I have full 60 FPS 4k with HDR on Forza 7. There are other games that have been updated to support the X but I haven’t gotten around to updating them yet. All I can say is Forza 7 running in true 4k is spectacular!!!! There is no frame rate drops, tearing, jutter or blur whatsoever. The One X sets a new standard with 4k gaming consoles and games.

  13. Joseph Sidlow

    Couldn't agree with you more. I sold my Xbox one within 4 months and put the money to a gaming pc. I would sooner play my games at medium settings at 1080p 60fps than any 4k 30fps. The difference between 30 and 60fps is massive

  14. j

    Resolution VS Framerate on console SUCKS.
    Framerate always wins because resolution on console games almost always has textures that dont scale well with the resolution or checkerboarding. Which MEANS, it would look muddier than on a lower resolution. Therefore that VRAM is wasted on resolution when it could be going to framerate.

  15. Tyler pantaleo

    ORI IN 4K IS A YES FROM ME! But i do agree with your video, 60 fps is more important. There really hasnt been a good distinction in what makes this a new gen, unless you count the rise of microtransactions…

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