475+ Mile Road Trip in a Nissan LEAF… Kicking Range Anxiety to the Curb!

In this episode I’ll take the 2017 all electric Nissan LEAF on a little road trip to Tiverton Rhode Island and back! Spanning four states you can see that not only can it be done, but the ever-growing EV infrastructure is currently in place to support such a trip. Myth-Busting range anxiety all the way you’re welcome to come along on this adventure as we see where the charging stations are and how easy it is to plan out such a trip.

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40 Replies to “475+ Mile Road Trip in a Nissan LEAF… Kicking Range Anxiety to the Curb!”

  1. Aquila Carpool

    OMG what an adorable nerd you are! I am researching to figure out what electric car to purchase because my house has solar and I over-generate (to the tune of ~5,000kWh/year). I want to put those kWh into our "gas tank" to get more value from the solar.

    Really want a larger vehicle (maybe a SUV?) with a larger battery–probably a plug in hybrid–but they don't make what I want yet. Have to wait a few years. So I'll buy a smaller hatchback to tide me over for a few years and still get savings from the over-generation in the intervening years.

    So far, your informative and fun-to-watch videos are reinforcing my research that indicates I should get a leaf.

    Thanks for all the time you're spending on making these videos.

    Waiting for the 2015''s to drop in price as the 2016's start coming off of lease as the year changes to 2018 – 2019.

  2. A Sh

    we have just bought a 2013 Leaf, and we would love to go for a road trip. Thank you for sharing your experience! It was helpful and we love your laughters! 🙂

  3. Adrian M.

    I'm about to complete an 1,121 mile roadtrip with a 2016 Nissan Leaf S, only working with a 24kWh battery (used). This 16 hour trip took 6 days. Plan ahead kids and you can do anything.

  4. JDN Rotterdam

    Is this the 24KwH? And how much kilometers ( Europe) you can drive with one charge if you drive 100 KmH/60 MpH all the way? Greetings from the Netherlands where the max speed is 100KmH

  5. Philip Knights

    I only bought this car for city driving, because it has cars the same size, like the nissan note hybrid, that can get up to 800 miles(actually 1000 + but drop 200miles real world, you know speeding up, going up hill etc) on a full charge and tank.

  6. Supernaut

    I just bought a 2017 SV Leaf. I thought I was supposed to limit the charge to 80% to prolong battery life but I could not find a menu option on the Leaf to set it to stop charging at 80%, is that ok?

  7. Eddie Smith

    Although I'm not crazy about the looks of the Leafs and Bolts, I'm strongly considering an EV, because of these videos. I don't really do road trips, but it'd be perfect for me. There's free (type 2/3) charging at the local LADWP, Monday thru Saturday.

  8. Sean O'Neil

    In the Tucson area there's only one operational Level 3 charger. This made the trip from Phoenix to Tucson a royal pain (as in 8hrs and landed at home with less than 10% on the battery).

    I look forward to the return trip as now I know exactly where the operational charging stations are. Hopefully it won't take 4hrs per charge again.

    Also, how'd you get 121 mi on a single charge? My 2014 only gets around 80 on a full charge.

  9. Power Surge

    Good video.. BUT  you are wasting SO MUCH energy going 75 MPH.  Also, I do not like EVGO because they are so expensive… They charge about $10 per charge…  For my long distance trips, I make a map, make phone calls to all the Nissan and Chevrolet dealers..  I ask them if the chargers are working, and where they are.  Saves a lot of disappointments.  With chargepoint and other apps, a lot of the charging stations are inside paid parking lots or closed communities….

  10. Bostonbruins 8703

    Awesome video. I really enjoyed watching it and top it off. You drove right through my backyard of Fall River. Folks live in Pawtucket. You really gave perspective on how good the range is on your car. I've been debating for a while now on getting a Leaf to replace my current Prius (2013 Prius V with 108,000 miles). Simply because of the cost of maintenance and of course, gas. I've been doing so much research on EVs for awhile and I found your video to be the most helpful. By actually doing a full on road trip. My major concern is that I regular commute to work is 103.4 miles, 5 to 6 days a week. If I'm visting my girlfriend's parents, then thats a 114.2 mile round trip. My only concern is that I read about how the battery degrades overtime and on certain Leaf models and years, Nissan will only replace if the battery level is at the lowest of 8 bars or below 100,000 miles. I'm debating putting myself in a upside down loan just to get this car, lol. I'm only about a year and a half into my current load with my Prius and I was kinda forced into it when my last car needed repairs and the cost was to high to justify considering how old it was. Do you think it be worth it for me to consider doing a trade in for my current Prius for a Leaf?

  11. mrspeigle1

    Just a note on this just because you can doesn't mean you should, sure it's nice to know that it can be done in a pinch but that is a lot of quick charging over a very short period And it's going to put a lot of strain on your battery. There is a time and a place for a rental car.

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