$400 Mavic Mini Drone; GARBAGE or great??


it’s a pretty great thing for $400

**this is NOT a sponsored video**

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  1. CragScrambler

    Heyy duuudes does anyone evvvven uuuuuuse propellor guards, it's tweeenteee niiinteeeeennn……?

    Yes, 1980 s california guy, literally everyone that buys this entry level beginner drone uses them, that's what they are for….. Beginners ., that's why most DJI drones above this grade does not include them. Because…. Not beginner.

  2. rifoul

    La video du mini est saccadé et manque de fps c'est dommage c'est possible de corrigé ca ou pas du tout ? J'aime beaucoup la qualité mais le 30 fps est horrible

  3. Edu Rohden


    So Casey, I'm from Brazil and I'm doing a tourism channel with inspiration in its format. I need a drone for aerial images of my region. Do you have any drones that you don't use to give me? i pay shipping

    Hug, miss you, make more videos please

  4. sadlfjasdfacv

    I know tons of people fly drones along Santa Monica and Venice beach, but there is a reason it's technically not permitted, and it is not because the FAA is worried about creepers spying on sunbathers. The beach in that area is basically used as a freeway for helicopters. A drone hitting a helicopter could be potentially disastrous.

  5. Start To Finish Podcasting

    Why does everyone like Drones that are light in weight? I would much rather have a drone that has weight to it. In addition, having a drone with weight to it make it better for control when the wind blows. I know it may drain the battery faster but I would still rather have a drone that has weight to it.

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