$40 DJI Phantom Clone. Unboxing and Flight.

(Original No Longer Available)
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We unbox and put this DJI Phantom Clone to the test on this episode of Unbox Warehouse.

Find out just how tough this little drone it.

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–Sony a7iii
–Canon G7x
–GoPro 8 Black
–Insta360 One X

–90mm Macro
–85mm f1.8
–50mm f1.8
–16-35mm f4.0

–Zoom H6
–Rode NTG2 mic
–Rode Wireless Go

–Studio Pro Lights

35 Replies to “$40 DJI Phantom Clone. Unboxing and Flight.”

  1. Diego Cruces

    not because it is not the original you are going to treat it like garbage or hit it and throw it against the trees, not all children have to buy the original, do not be so racist and if you have the money to buy an original very well I am happy for you, but don't be so marginal and learn to treat things for what they are and not for their quality.😡🤬

  2. Brian Roberts

    I bought one of these.
    Yeah, its cheap. Not nearly as big as a real Phantom, and has very few features. It does hover surprisingly well though, for a toy. The FPV is pretty decent but not fantastic. But……….
    its a toy.
    It doesn't REALLY look like a Phantom either. Its smaller, the arms are shorter in proportion to its size. It's weight, way, way less!!!
    Yet, for what I paid, $24 I can't complain. My box was considerably smaller too.
    This is actually perfect for a gift, or for someone that doesn't know if they want to invest in a quality quad.

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