4 Min Drone Video Tips

Today we are talking about drone footage hacks you can apply instantly to improve your footage. I’ll try and keep it short and sweet, so let see if we can do 4 min drone video tips. These Drone video tips are all designed around DJI drones, like the best drone DJI Mavic Pro and Phantom but the principles apply to other brands as well to improve drone footage.

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Drone footage included is kindly provided by my good youtube friend Sean Ozz. I highly encourage you to check out his channel below as he is providing some really quality content from drone paradise Dillon Colorado he surely knows these best drone video tips.




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37 Replies to “4 Min Drone Video Tips”

  1. DJI Drones and Stuff

    Great video and very helpful. I was having so e difficulty with jerky video footage and it may be that my shutter was to high. I had just recalibrated my sensors the night before so I'm sure a lot of my video settings went back to default. Also decided to be lazy and put video settings on auto. Its snowing again so I have to wait about a week for the weather to improve.

  2. JAB69100

    Good Video, I'm an Engineer so photography is not my expertise, good sugestions. As far as hacks, seems like this is named incorrectly. When I think of a hack, it is a bypass to something different than the original designer did not intend or was looking to do. Again, Good Video, Thanks.

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