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  1. Josh

    I think Tesla's and other EVs of that caliber are going to go 300K+ easily and be relative to a ICE car hitting 100K. Fewer moving parts that have wear and tear.

  2. David Sherman

    Really enjoy your videos. Its great that your utilizing all the perks of the electric cars. Definitely don’t trade that car in for a P. See how many miles u can rack up on it. And Tesla innovates quick. In 3-4 years and ur car has 175,000 miles. Tesla will have something better and prob more affordable than the current model 3. The funny thing is the more miles u put on your car the more respect u get from the tesla community which is usually the opposite with other brands.

  3. rustin fredericks

    hey Matt..Rustin from South Africa here. I saw a video on another channel a while ago saying that Autopilot in the model 3 is dangerous.it breaks hard when another vehicle enters your lane quickly in front of you on the freeway. Have you experienced this?Please comment or make a video on this.

  4. MK KM

    I'm reading the average economy which shows that just 70 kWh gets you 307 miles. So you are within the rated range of the car after 30k miles with 5 kWh not counted. That efficiency number is really impressive and shows what the real #1 advantage of the Model 3 is.

    Further, did a cost calculation at cheap gas $2/gallon. 30 mpg = 1000 gallons and $2000 in fuel. 10 cents a kWh at 7000 kWh (round up) = $700. Nice, even when gas is cheap.

  5. Tommy Rosa

    Just subscribed. Quick question. What is the purchase process like? On the website it gives you this fixed rate for a loan making it seem Tesla is the lender. Once you reserve, what is expected on the day of delivery? Do you need to have financing secured from a third party? Thanks for the help.

  6. Storm Saylor

    What do you think of Elon buying maxwell technologies? Also their claims of a new dry electrode technology? Would be awesome if Tesla could get there batteries from 260kw/kg to 300/500 they claim.

  7. Tripplett

    Great honest informational video. 24 below zero F , man that's brutal. Thanks for sharing. Just a few questions and sorry if you've mentioned them before. Did your 3 come with the earlier seats? Did you get the alcantara headliner? I can't tell in the video. Did you do any tint or paint protection? In that cold how do you you do typical exterior cleanings? Thanks.

  8. William Huang

    Not enough charging infrastructures/stations. For those people who lives in the apartments/houses were there's only street side parking and they could not charge their cars. Wireless charging could solve the problem, but it's impossible, might take years.

  9. Michael Young

    Hi Matt! I'll bombard you with my questions and comments from this video.
    – The custom steering wheel. Does the company make a model that you can connect it in some way so you have a heated steering wheel? This is a major issue during the cold months (which I'm sure you noticed).
    – Maintenance. Have you changed your wiper blades? If so how? You are much more mechanically inclined than myself but I was wondering how this is done as they are not a normal set of blades with the washer fluid setup.
    – How many miles do you have on the Fusion? I assume this was the last car you bought before the M3.
    – In your daily route is there a Super Charger near by that you could use in a pinch? Let's say if you had to drive 280+ miles one day out of the ordinary.
    – I live in Maryland and while nowhere near as cold as you we go get some snow. Coworkers and other just insist on having AWD. I think back 15-20 years and amazingly, we were able to get around without AWD or 4WD during the winter. Not people act like it is a necessity.
    -You mentioned you want to get the next couple of Teslas MY and R20. Have you thought of putting your other Teslas on a ride sharing site like Turo? This could help offset the costs.
    Keep up the great work!

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