3,000 Miles In A Tesla Model 3 Performance – Redline: Vlog 5

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Earlier this month, we took our first-ever long #RoadTrip in a 2018 #Tesla #Model3 Performance where we drove from Washington, DC to Oklahoma City. This 1,300 one-way journey was completed in about 2 days and required a total of 5 stops each lasting between 40 mins to 1 hour and 20 mins. In the mean time, we share our thoughts about how the Tesla drives on this long journey, the results actually surprised us.

27 Replies to “3,000 Miles In A Tesla Model 3 Performance – Redline: Vlog 5”

  1. Redline Reviews

    Hey guys! So first of all, we finally introduce you to Sofyan’s fiancé Blake in this video! Our road trip to Oklahoma started in DC on 10/5 and we finally arrived on 10/7. This video was more to document the road trip and our experience doing it for the first time in an all-electric car. We’ll be sure to do another Vlog very soon where we talk about the Model 3 and how it’s held up and whatever issues we’ve experienced over the past 2 months. Thanks for watching as always and stay tuned for more!!

  2. Gary G

    I think the rational way to look at the longer stops to charge is, I don’t minding waiting 20-30 minutes longer if I’m saving $20-30 in money. That’s a dollar per minute.

  3. Brandon Balcer

    I have a model s.. and want to add to it with a p3d.. just hate the non black headliner with the white… but I love the white… I'm not going to lie tho. I have the 1300th model s built. And If the trim was off as much as your rear driver side door at 3:00 mins in. I would have refused the car… come on Tesla. It cannot be that hard

  4. James Jones

    I don't drive for two reasons, one is no job not enough much money to keep a car, two I'm scared of crashing. I figure there is a good enough transportation out here in Cali that a car is not really needed at times, though seeing all these safety techs on cars and these EV cars being cheaper to fill up than gas that maybe one day I'll learn to drive.

  5. mmanda515

    "Please note that use of the following affiliated/referral link…. will earn me commission credits towards Tesla products" ….. #TOS #FTC As a viewer & consumer, much appreciated! 🙂 Be well & enjoy!

  6. Robert Karaffa

    Absolutely gorgeous car, dudes! Love EV road trips and your reviews are top-notch. Keep up the great work, and congratulations on your pending nuptials! You guys obviously have a great time together.

  7. Shuffle3956

    How is Blake liking to wait 45 mins for a charge when he minds filling up with gas for 2 minutes? He says it's kinda nice to drive by gas station and ppl who are filling up. Well guess what it takes 2 mins to full up a car not 45 minutes to charge an EV. He says on a gas car he wants the road trip to be over ASAP but it's nice to wait 45 minutes every 250 miles? That doesn't make sense to me whatsoever. Then again Tesla doesn't make sense to me and ppl who go buy one either. It's a Macbook Pro on wheels and it's embarrassing. I guess there no real car enthusiasts around these days. A true gear head is a petrol head. Ppl who like Tesla are those who line up in front of an Apple store 24 hrs to get the first iPhone. If u r a car enthusiast how would u support a company who wants to get rid of driving and automate driving. How can u support such company who wants to get rid of internal combustion (to me it is just a joke to even say that at this point but that's beside the point). Fuck Tesla.

  8. Joel Wyse

    I also have the Performance Model 3 – I'm getting new 18 inch rims and tires this week and I think it will help tremendously with range for my 800 mile drive from Georgia to Ohio. did you ever consider getting different rims and tires?

  9. Adrayven

    I found it odd you were complaining about stopping so much when you were going 80.. ironically, you probably would have cut an hour in stops by going 10mph slower. You would have gained that 30+ miles per stop back (4×30 = 120 miles) by going 70 over 80

    Also, you seemed to be maxing out the charge.. which I found odd.. You should stop at 80% on long trips. The last 20% takes as long as the first 80%.. That would have also significantly cut your 4 hours down to close to half. The last 20% is not worth it normally.

  10. z

    You’ll probably get better mileage if you didn’t drive at 80mph. I think their range calculations are based on speed limit driving… I could be wrong though..

  11. Jack c-u-p

    What??? I never thought you were gay or bisexual!!! I've been watching your videos for almost 4 years now and I subbed like 2 years ago, I believe… I always assume you had a friendly voice. Holy shit, congrats brother and outstanding reviews on the vehicles. Keep up the good work!!!

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