24 Hrs. With A Tesla Model X: In-Depth Look By A Tesla Owner

Like my previous Model S and Bolt EV videos, this look at the Tesla Model X 75D (Q2 2017 build) is long but fairly in-depth. I spent quite a bit of time focusing on the usability of the falcon wing doors, since that’s what people seem to have the most questions about, but I also briefly touch on things like the current state of Hardware 2 Autopilot (AP2), the adaptive LED headlights, and my usual complaining… err… constructive criticism. It’s a little less of me and a little more of the car this time around, so, enjoy!

As usual, don’t forget to post any questions you may have in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer them.

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– Tesla UI talk on the Model S:
– Tesla’s Trip Planner software:
– Comparing charging networks on a road trip (Supercharger vs. CCS/CHAdeMO):

Like my other videos, this is not a sponsored video. The Model X featured was obtained by requesting a 24-hour test drive so that my wife and I could evaluate the Model X and determine if it was a product that either of us would be interested in. Only difference from my usual disclaimer is that I’m now long $TSLA.

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Title: I Hear You by Vicetone from I Hear You
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Lush by Dyalla Swain

30 Replies to “24 Hrs. With A Tesla Model X: In-Depth Look By A Tesla Owner”


    I can see 10 min in you are against the Tesla ..It is an electric car ,I do think you are a bit young and inexperienced to be doing car videos,short stop..Start with cars from the 70's and Slowly go forward..

  2. Jv

    the nature sounds and your calm "you've got all day to talk" demeanor made me watch the whole video with no skips. Now I'm conflicted on what color X to get after seeing this red for so long….

  3. Aves Raggiana

    Just placed an order for a Model X, our second Tesla.  Once again I find myself obsessing about the quality control problems that haven’t really gone away – the misaligned panels, etc.  I just wonder when they’ll ever get around to addressing those adequately, because they’re not doing so now.  

    It took two visits over a six-month period to the service centre to fix all the niggling fit and finish items before I could deem our car “perfect.”  Less than a week later, we got rear ended.  Now the Model S is expected to be in the shop about six to eight weeks as the body shop awaits the arrival of the required spare parts.  In the meantime, I’m dealing with the extremely vexing symptoms of Tesla withdrawal by ordering another Tesla.

  4. Aves Raggiana

    Hi, Alex.  Do you think that dark, cave-like interior could be brightened by having a light or lighter coloured interior instead?  Something with cream coloured or even the ultra-white upholstery perhaps?

  5. beastie _38

    Bro you can easily override the position of the Falcon Wing doors from the back seats by holding the button for a couple seconds then holding up or down and when u let go it will stop

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