#22: Oprah Reflects on the Mackenzie Phillips Interview | TV Guide's Top 25 | Oprah Winfrey Network

Of all the confessions in the “Oprah Show” vault, “TV Guide Magazine” picked this as the ultimate shocker. Watch as Oprah reflects on Mackenzie Phillips’ revelation of the sexual abuse she suffered from her father, singer John Phillips. For more on #TV Guide’s Top 25, visit Oprah.com.

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#22: Oprah Reflects on the Mackenzie Phillips Interview | TV Guide’s Top 25 | Oprah Winfrey Network

36 Replies to “#22: Oprah Reflects on the Mackenzie Phillips Interview | TV Guide's Top 25 | Oprah Winfrey Network”

  1. marilyn

    Gross Oprah "Get to it"
    I have never seen a sexual abuse survivor treated the way Mackenzie Phillip's has been.
    Watch the Larry King interview and others. Unconscionable.

  2. Natalie Panaro Stack

    I know some of Mackenzie's family members had stopped talking to her. I think they feel it makes them all guilty by association & puts a black mark on their family. Nothing oprah does surprises me anymore. She has done some awful things & I have no respect for her at all. She has a god complex.

  3. L Gene

    She said she was feeling vulnerable and frightened how callous of you Oprah just let’s get to it you victimize her again shame on you Oprah how self-serving can you get

  4. Camille Harris

    Unfortunately Oprah has a god/guru persona and she is the only one that knows whether she is FULLY aware how much trust people put in her when she sits across from them in an interview.
    What was telling is her intro to have Ms. Phillips read the book.
    "Let's get to it" and when McKenzie says "wow this isn't how I envisioned this going down" but she read it.
    From a viewers point of view this seemed very exploitive. I got not one ounce of empathy from Oprah.
    I've seen Oprah produce tough moments with B role footage and her narrating over the footage but to have that out there that raw was a bit too much.
    Who knows what Oprah and Ms. Phillips agreed to prior but damn Oprah that wasn't a good look.

  5. studboyinus

    I don't see the need to expose your deepest family secret to the whole world, except for monetary gains. Secrets are supposed to be kept. You deal with it privately with your family. I know this first hand…

  6. Keisha Eller

    Wtf?? Why have her read it?? It’s not Oprah’s job to hold her accountable for her words. It was definitely exploitive to have her read it, see her discomfort, hear her verbally say this is not what she expected and insist she continue by saying, “Let’s get to it!”. I love Oprah but this was evil.

  7. happylilsunbeam

    I think it's unbelievably disingenuous for Oprah to say that by asking Mackenzie to start off by reading the most intimate and devastating paragraph of her book that she wasn't exploiting her. That was an outrageous act of exploitation and no matter how expertly she talks around it, the fact is it was a callous way to begin. I understand this woman is promoting a book and she's there to share a very disturbing secret but I have a problem with how judgemental Oprah is in this interview while simultaneously using her for ratings.

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