21: We Drive a Tesla Model 3 Performance, Viewer Questions

In the first episode of 2019, the BROS get their hands on a Tesla Model 3 Performance and discuss their first impressions and how it compares to a gas powered sports car. We also answer some Patreon questions and topics.

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17 Replies to “21: We Drive a Tesla Model 3 Performance, Viewer Questions”

  1. Luis Barraza

    Hahaha I literally listened to this in my wife’s tesla while wearing a patagucci puff jacket. Nailed it. Although i got the mod bug and wanted to set the car apart from the sea of nerds. Black 20s, cf spoiler, chrome trim delete around the Windows etc. I love seeing the reaction at superchargers when my brown ass shows up blasting 2pac ?.

  2. dyhppyx

    You guys don't appreciate the huge difference autopilot makes vs any fast gas car. In real life no one uses the performance of a BMW m3 but autopilot is used all day in real world traffic.

  3. AaronAnonymous

    I used to like In-N-Out way more than I do now. I’m not sure why exactly but it seems like the hamburger patties have gotten thinner and the cheese overpowers the meat flavor. If I go there I almost feel like I have to get a triple, whereas I used to only order a double. The fries are still ok (animal style) but recently I’ve been finding I want to go to chick-fil-a more. IMO the sandwiches have more flavor and even the fries are better. If I specifically wanted a hamburger though, Shake Shack or In-N-Out would still be the go-to.

  4. Carl B

    For some GMC Syclone throwback. https://www.caranddriver.com/archives/gmc-syclone-vs-ferrari-348ts-archived-comparison-test

    Tesla is more of an appliance it seems. For a joyless commuter vehicle they seem fine.

    Does anyone grief the supercharge stations in Cali? Seems like in some areas ICE owners like to park in those spots. Our Tesla supercharge station is at a hotel parking lot off the interstate.

    "Arrest me red."

    States differ, but often they have laws that 20 or 25 over posted speed limit is considered, "reckless" and can result in an arrest at officer's discretion.

    No one ever listens to car guys in terms of vehicle purchasing, but will always ask. I've had two people listen, one bought a CX5, one bought a Civic Si. Both seemed to love them and currently still own them. That's 2 out of numerous encounters.

    Supercharger can never exceed about 50% of the engine's HP, so if the engine is small you are very limited to the HP number possible. Turbo doesn't have such limitations, as it isn't run by a crank pulley off the engine. Turbo isn't parasitic like the supercharger. It all depends on the goal in which method is used or often times regulations related to the series of racing or emissions laws.

    Love In-N-Out, cheap, fresh, delicious. Fries are a waste of time. Double double animal style.

    In regards to ordering, the worst part is the person that orders for five people, and will ask the cashier to ring them all rung up separately. They are standing there with a handful of notes, credit cards and cash. Instead of just splitting that stuff up on their own time before or after.

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