21 PS4 tips, tricks and hidden features

Think you know everything about your PS4? Think again. We reckon you’ll find at *least* one nugget of useful knowledge here that will improve your gaming life immeasurably. And if you’ve got a tip that we’ve missed, let us know in the comments!


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46 Replies to “21 PS4 tips, tricks and hidden features”

  1. Master Debater

    One good tip for the headphone port is….. If you have the inline microphone on your headphones that doesn't have a mute function but does have a function button meant to play, pause, and such you can hold that button while plugging it into the controller and a bit after until the PS4 recognizes the headphone, it will effectively muted your microphone so everyone in the gta 5 room doesn't hear you beating your kids near to death. You can verify this mute by pressing and holding the PS button to bring up the quick menu and checking the audio under devices or using the long way around looking in the main settings panel. If you do this properly the microphone level and testing features are greyed out or inaccessible= muted. <— best tip you will find here on this video and page!

  2. Marcelvia Reynolds

    The way you play on your mobile device is by pressing the share button and ps4 button at the same time and then a white light will shine then go to your phone and turn on Bluetooth and search until you see wireless controller then that's it.

  3. Swagger Bryant

    hi asking how about how to change control button…my ps4 slim my controller button X is my back and O is enter..i want to switch this..X is my enter and O is back..pls helping me us..thank you

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