2021 LG OLED 8K l Redwoods 8K HDR 60fps

LG OLED powers REAL 8K.

Real 8K adds extraordinary definition level to every film scene, as if you were right there inside the action. With over 100 million of SELF-LIT PiXELS every single detail of LG OLED Real 8K TV is uncovered like never before on your cinematic 88/77-inch size screen.


38 Replies to “2021 LG OLED 8K l Redwoods 8K HDR 60fps”

  1. Ba0binga

    as shitty as it is to pay the price of living in vancouver. Having access to literally these scenes (this looks shot in the BC rainforests), 15 minutes from my condo is probably one of the best things in my life.

  2. devil/angel

    Lol Everyone's going on about their displays.. I'm watching it on a 70" screen with a 4k projector and it looks pretty nice. Also I can drive a few minutes and be in one irl. So yes I'm spoiled.


    Whoever uploaded this…you do realize that everybody who is watching this can't see it in 8k right? Maybe some will see it in 4k or 1080p or 480p or 720p or 144p 360p but not absolutely not 8k!!!! What ate you guys thinking? This reminds me of the tech giant trying to show off his ps5 and a 70" 8k TV lmao!!! I know tall ain't this damn dumb to think people will view this in 8k ahhahahahahahah. What a joke

  4. Serkan

    Hadi bunu aldın diyelim Türkiye'de HD yayın(720p) yapmayan kanallarda bir sürü öyle görüntü yok aldın bizim kanalarda çamur gibi izlersin.Bu özel çekim kimse böyle görüntü beklemesin.


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