2020 Tesla Model 3 Performance FSD In Depth Review | Daily Driving Fast Electric Car

2020 Tesla Model 3 Performance with FSD (Full Self Driving)
Took delivery: Dec. 24th, 2019

1000 Free Supercharger Miles:

Here is my first in depth long review. I tried cutting out every single non-informative second so as to not waste your time. I definitely learned a lot for my next one.

In this video, I take you through my opinions and the daily driving joy of what I believe could be a revolutionary car in hind site one day. We go through a review of the exterior, interior and drive all while talking about the advanced features it has.

Tesla hit it out of the park with this vehicle. In addition to Elon Musk’s personality, this car is exactly what has the Tesla faithful so excited about the future of battery powered automotive travel.

Besides the intense acceleration, what really surprises me about this vehicle is just how well executed it is. It makes other cars seem dumb. Little things you don’t think much about make living and driving with it a breeze. There are many things I experience with this car and wonder… why wasn’t this done 10 years ago by any other competitor with the amount of profit car manufacturers pull in?

It’s been a joy riding around in my MP3.. aka spaceship. I hope you enjoy this video. Lets chat it up in the comments!


Shady Coat Tee:

Nema Tesla Charger Install:

00:00 Tesla Intro
00:30 Intro Cut
1:05 Front End
1:28 Wheels
1:40 Rear End
2:08 Trunk
2:33 Frunk
2:56 Chrome Delete
3:09 Cameras | Ultra Sonic Sensors
3:14 Keys | Door Locks
3:43 Interior
5:54 Touch Screen
14:32 Full Self Driving
15:06 Drive
16:50 Acceleration
17:38 City Street Autopilot
19:16 Freeway Autopilot
21:04 Voice Control Demo
21:40 Auto Fade Stereo
22:26 Charging
23:56 Paint | Fit & Finish
24:40 Tesla App
26:36 Software Updates
27:41 Summon
29:24 Tesla Service
30:23 What I don’t like
31:42 Why Model 3 is Best Daily Driver
33:09 Outro | Thank You!

20 Replies to “2020 Tesla Model 3 Performance FSD In Depth Review | Daily Driving Fast Electric Car”

  1. Henry Mok

    I’m seriously thinking to get a M3P soon, as far as appearance is concerned the worst parts are the rear indicators, brake & reverse lights. They look decidedly low tech & ugly.

  2. Alfred Varrichio

    Looking at one in a few days, and after watching dozens of videos, and researching countless sources to justify a $60+ purchase, you hit it on the head. Thanks-from a Random Guy from NY

  3. Jonathan Pena

    I’ve seen so many videos on Tesla’s over the years but none have gone this far explaining everything and talking about the experience this well, thanks for this video it was extremely helpful

  4. Robert Zoppi

    Honestly, you’re one of the best reviewer‘s I’ve seen on YouTube. You are so detailed. I watch this entire review even though I just ordered a model Y. Actually it’s going to be delivered tomorrow morning January 31. I’m bummed out that you should I shouldn’t get black but I got black with the white interior. Anyhow, just wanted to let you know that you’re really good at reviewing and detailing all aspects of a vehicle. I got a lot out of it…. Keep up the good work

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