23 Replies to “2020 TCL 6 Series (R635) Vs LG OLED – Video Quality Comparison”

  1. BCD Universe

    So copyright infringement cut out half of my video. I was showcasing it with more dark scenes but it was all cut in order to go up. I have another comparison video coming up shortly here for the Samsung QLED. That will have more Dark scenes but not as much as I want. Sorry for the delay!

  2. John Dough

    Thanks for this. Your video gave me confidence that OLED's can survive and still be top class 3 years in. OLED, even the older ones, are still king. The TCL was just smudging all the Blacks into a big Black patch. Oled knew how to handle different shades in a Black image, which is huge for action movie and gaming.

  3. Aaron M.

    Competition is great for the consumer. LED-LCD is getting closer to OLED at a rapid pace. Without OLED this wouldn't happen and I'm glad it's driving this technology forward.

  4. Patrik Gårdewall

    how the fuck can this video get copyright claims?
    isnt this video for free here on youtube and also supposed to be used as demo material?

    you can download it and use it for free but you cant show it off and compare two tvs LOL

  5. Cod Mott

    Are all these TV reviewers stupid or something? Do they not realize that you cant demonstrate an OLED panel to those of us watching on an LCD screen? It's like showing something that's 3D and going "woah check out how THREE DIMENSIONAL THIS IS!!" while you watch at home on your 2D screen. Unless there's some patently obvious difference in the images, like they display wildly different contrasts or tons of light bleed/blooming, WE CANT SEE WHAT YOU'RE SEEING IN REAL LIFE.

  6. denis mojzer

    Good video it proves was all other was saying .. like quantom tv and more … you think tcl have good black level think agen… it have massive blackkrush you dont see the detail in blacks compare to oled you see all the details .. imagine to play a lot of video games in dark scenes you will losee so many thing that it still musted be visible…

  7. James R

    From seeing this, it looks really great. Colors are vibrant and have a good amount of depth. However, they still have some loss in detail in bright lights and some black crushing. Not too surprised there. i just hope the bleeding isn’t an too much of an issue.

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