2020 Renault Zoe review – why it's the best small electric car | What Car?

The new Renault Zoe looks like the old Renault Zoe. But that’s where the similarities end. A major overhaul has given it a longer range and a much nicer interior, making it one of the most compelling electric cars on sale.

Why is it so good? Watch to find out.

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32 Replies to “2020 Renault Zoe review – why it's the best small electric car | What Car?”

  1. Thomas Walters

    One essential point that wasn't covered is the relationship between driving and range. For example on the motorway what sort of cruising speed would you need to keep to in order to achieve the maximum range.

  2. L B

    For all of you considering buying a Renault Zoe with a battery lease BEWARE!!! I have a 2013 Renault Zoe and my battery health has fallen to 70% after 84,000 miles – I am getting a full range charge of just 45 miles now. You might think it is easy to get a replacement battery from Renault Finance when the battery health falls below 75% (as per the agreement), well it is NOT! I am currently having a nightmare battle with Renault. I have been a firm supporter of electric cars and the Renault Zoe but my opinion is now changing and I am considering going back to petrol, something I never imagined for all these years. Renault are seriously damaging the electric car market with their appalling customer service.

  3. Gianera John

    I decided to go and buy one this week to replace a 2011 Smart Fortwo i leave in the garage all year only use it like 10 days a year. My government will pay half the price of the Zoe, minus the value of the trade in.. I should get away with 5k for a new car

  4. Jason yu

    I hate using terms like “man’s car” or “woman’s car”, but I genuinely do feel that Zoe is more designed for ladies of a smaller build.

    While I’ve got a friend who’s about 6ft tall driving one, he shares the drive with Mrs, whose noticeably a smaller build, and and sitting higher up would be a confidence-inspiring driving position for many.
    Maybe not my taste, but the fact that Zoe being a smaller car by dimension but still enough room on the inside is a winner, not to mention the more affordable price

  5. Altino Cunha

    Grandparents car…
    Just rabish.. they know that people would buy anyway so they just built it .. insted of investing more time and reserch and caming up with a proper good produt… but no worries in 3 or 4 more years all this bad products will be gonne because of the the good ones will came up…

  6. Margaret Forrest

    Problem with the ZOE is they are using the old Clio floorpan and it is not a purpose built electric car starting with the chassis. They have put the batteries under the seats which means you can't lower the driver's seat if you are tall and the back seats don't fold down properly to give a reasonably flat load surface. I have decided to wait for the more expensive, slightly larger externally but much more internally spacious ID3. I am looking to replace a diesel Skoda Fabia and the replacement vehicle has to give at least as much space inside for 4 people and also be an easy to use and practical load carrier when the back seats are folded down.

  7. Kenz300 x

    If you want clean air to breathe then go all electric.
    No noise, no emissions, less fuel costs and less maintenance costs.
    Gas and diesel vehicles are old polluting technology.

  8. hieroglyph321

    The best,most balanced EV out there today for a normal driver … we'll be getting one this year … 0-60 in minus 10 seconds? don't need it. Glad alternatives to Tesla and their boring cult are arriving! …. great job, Renault

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