2020 LG NanoCell 8K l Pure Colors 8K HDR 60fps

Real 8K LED is here.

LG’s 8K NanoCell TVs meet the industry definition for 8K resolution.
It’s 4 times the resolution of 4K, complete with the natural, lifelike color of Nano Color, precise color at wide angles with Nano Accuracy, and deeper black and contrast of precisely balanced lighting.

See a new level of masterful color handling. Whatever the scene demands, Nano Color delivers. Vibrant, accurate color and a wider spectrum of over a billion rich colors — LG NanoCell TV makes it all possible.

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23 Replies to “2020 LG NanoCell 8K l Pure Colors 8K HDR 60fps”

  1. francisco Benitez

    Ami no me cabe un 75 pulgadas ya en mi habitación donde tengo de largo 5 metros por 3 metros y medio de ancho me cabe el.65 pulgadas muy bién espero que saquen oled 8k en 65 pulgadas ,pero ya vere si me sobra un hueco y pongo un 75 pero de momento 65 es lo que creo yo que va muy bièn para poder meter la mano atras no lo tengo en pared por qúe no es estable y continua a la otra habitación y se puede rajar los ladrillos ya me paso con los sony y la pared se resqubrajo con el tiempo se que son finos los lg pero la pared no es fiable ,

  2. Mah Fah

    Please LG post something about 8570 line. That’s most affordable and I am on edge to buy the biggest one in that. But nothing, rarely any posts about 2020 model from that line. Atleast some realistic footage since we can’t check it out in stores. Or I might go with Sony

  3. Hassan Faheem

    Hey LG your Nanocell series of TV can expand alot in sale. It can also be sold more than OLED and can come to competition with Samsung QLED . Put the best Engineers in the designing of this Nanocell series. Best of luck. :H ☺😊

  4. DangerxDEIBU

    so if I can see the difference with my cheap-ass monitor, it really just means it's the video recording/capture quality isn't it? netflix and youtube streaming on 1080p will still look the same and will only make a difference when i change it to 4k streaming or higher? gotta have the bandwidth for that too i guess.

  5. osama 4k

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