2020 LG Gram Review – So Much Better

2020 LG Gram 17 Review. 17″ Gram is the best laptop from LG. Faster Drives, Faster RAM, 10th Gen Intel CPU. Double GPU Performance, Better thermals. Bigger Battery. Better Keyboard.
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47 Replies to “2020 LG Gram Review – So Much Better”

  1. Dave Lee

    The 2020 model is SO much better than their previous models but I feel like the 15W CPU holds it back a bit. At under 3 lbs, this thing is crazy light but how important is weight in your laptop purchase decision?

  2. Nikhil Paleti

    I think Barrel Plug + USB C is a lot more sensible, PLEASE YouTubers, don't let this phase out without your herd reviews without a second thought!!
    This is a great solution! This way, when you are Power-Using your system, let's say docked, you use only the one useless charging port for charging and not sacrificing one FULLY FUCNTIONAL, FULLY CAPABLE port just for stupid charging!

  3. Antonio Martins

    Sorry Dave I have to disagree on one thing on this review, the build material, I have the 2019 version of this laptop and if they didn't change the build material, I will not recommend to anyone, for everyday use the laptop is a fantastic machine, but the wear is very noticeable, the material after 1 year it's all bent because of the heat, you have lot's of gaps, and I had to return the laptop because the material around the hinges of the screen was not correctly lined and would hope the bottom part of the laptop, I don't know if they did some mistake on the guarantee of the laptop, but one of my speakers came doing static. It's powerful but it they look like those Teslas who came with a lot of gaps and mistakes from fabric and the owner had to return it multiples times because of it. This is my experience with this brand and their laptop.

  4. J J

    I only go to Dave for laptop reviews, one of the main uses for my laptops is as a fidget spinner. I want a top quality and well balanced laptop.

  5. David Wygant

    I trade stocks do you think this would work with another monitor and 10 windows open from my trading platform that I download
    The laptop would only run this one program

  6. Pango

    Is it really silent, that would be fantastic as I have to fully shut down my laptop when I go to sleep otherwise I won't fall asleep because it's quite loud.

  7. Grace Ge

    Hi, there are people who said it doesn't make any difference if you purchase the i5 or i7 for lg gram as the manufacturer didn't manage to make the laptop perform better with i7 CPU? Do you have any insights on this please?

  8. Bhanu Pratap Singh B

    For the 2019 model I have watched a video, which is from a renowned videographer, stating that c200 video raw footage editing was like cutting butter .. did you try that before saying that it's so so for video editing ???

  9. KimAvenue Tv

    I hope someday i could buy that kind of laptop, i only have an old type of dell laptop with a celeron processor, its hard for me to edit video for my vlog, i am new in youtube, lack of money hahahah

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