2020 Chevrolet Bolt EV full review

In this review, I get into the revamped 2020 Bolt EV with its new front “grille,” upgraded range, and more. I drove the Bolt from Seattle to Portland and learned a lot about electric cars. My end run assessment is that the Bolt, as a regular car, is fine and range anxiety is mostly about mindset. Enjoy!

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  1. Rennie Allen

    Been using AA on my 2019 for more than a year. There is some weird behavior with Google Assistant occasionally (hard to say whether that is a Bolt issue or a Google issue) but for the most part it works very well. Never had an issue using Maps.

  2. Andy Lee

    Take that logo off your video. Pointless and amateurish. Get a gopro and record your driving while talking like all the other youtubers. Hopefully you can grow your channel.

  3. John Pettinari

    I will see over 300 per full charge in warm weather south Florida. Also,this. Extended! For a limited time, get up to $10,000 off a 2019/2020 Chevy Bolt!
    Get $8,500 Customer Cash off MSRP from Chevy when you take retail delivery by 03-02-2020, plus up to $1,875 Federal Tax Credit. Contact a dealer near you for more details.

  4. ihategooglespooks

    wait until these come out with the Michelin airless tires and yet another range/power tweak… 2023 will be the real time to look at this car and I anticipate it will be highly competitive with other offerings

  5. TJ Wilson

    The video is highly annoying. Hold the camera still to allow the viewer to focus on something before you far-too-rapidly pan away — to the ground??!! Your camera work is DREADFUL. BTW, the cut-away to you drinking coffee was not merely pointless, it was unfunny and juvenile.

  6. MsPokey1234

    Love to see "WALMART" be the first to have about 6+ charge stations @ EVERY STORE in USA near front or side of store to buy say a 1 hour Charge! Walmart knows the Customer will have an hour+ to shop during the charge & we will know that if you go to Walmart to shop there here will be charge stations too!

  7. rizzle razzleuno

    As of Feb 6, 2020, GM and some cooperating dealers are selling Bolts at $10,000 and more off the MSRP. The Bolt is overpriced for what it is, but at a steep discount it is an affordable way to get an electric car. Model 3 and soon to be Model Y keep increasing sales, while Bolt sales keep declining. Let's hope future EVs from GM are better than the Bolt.

  8. edgar pierre

    The range isn’t too bad, but that’s like a $40,000 vehicle for the size of a 23K Honda Fit. I think Chevy needs to put more energy and dedication into designing an EV that people really like, instead of one that just works.
    The Bolt EV does give GM some practice in designing EVs and with some hard work and clever engineering I believe they can make a great EV one day

  9. Larry Harvey

    The video would have been better if you showed us you driving and not just a slide show with pictures repeating.The 3 biggest problems with the Bolt #1 The seats still feel like sitting in economy #2 The CCS fast charging is SLOW at only 55kw(TM3 SR+ can supper charge at 170kw) #3 No over the air software updates.

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