2019 Jaguar I-Pace Full Review

No throaty growl. No long hood. The all-electric I-Pace is a shocking departure from Jaguar. Could it be the best vehicle the brand has ever made? Tom Voelk travels to Portugal to drive it on road, off road, and on the Algarve Portimaõ Circuit (and never once worries about range).

Jaguar provided running footage, travel, and accommodations for this story.




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About Tom:
Tom Voelk is an award-winning automotive contributor to The New York Times. His podcast was the first to win an Emmy Award. He also married way out of his league. Now, stop reading this promotional copy bragging about Tom’s photography and editing skills and watch a couple episodes. It’s much more interesting.

48 Replies to “2019 Jaguar I-Pace Full Review”

  1. redskitter

    I feel in love with this car. But can't afford it. Best review, straight to the point, all aspect covered. I think this is the best EV car by design, quirks and features and performance. That's why this sold quick as hotcake.

  2. Robert Brand

    I hope this car have better quality of leather seats than F-Type, cheap cheap materials they are using on Jaguars, my 2018 F-type beside wear completely came a part by 5500km this sommer and it is allready come a part again by December

  3. davidhindu

    it can produce only 240 miles range from a 90 kwh battery ? thats a bit of technology fail even though 240 is plenty. But the car looks beautiful even though I do prefer Tesla's minimalistic interior.

  4. TheViewFromUpHere

    My decision to order an i-Pace was based on; from an established automaker, with local service, not American ( thank Trump), price $20-40K less than Tesla, battery size, range, performance, size and style. Most of my charging will be at home but tens of thousands of dollars buys a lot of 3rd party charging. Tesla pricing makes BMW pricing seem reasonable.


    234 miles to a charge and 13 1/2 hour 240v charge time is not very good. The model X 75D gets 237 miles to a charge and is a 1000 lbs heavier with a smaller battery. The aerodynamics must suck.

  6. Pat B

    Thank you for this excellent review, nice car and only the start of the electric tech in many ways. Imagine a 3 gen of this or a 5th! Amazing things to come from this. Next generation battery tech when it arrives will make most vehicles electric as for a huge number of people EV is perfect. I'd love to be driving an I-Pace lol.

  7. Doug Morgan

    Read Mark Phelan's review of the car in today's Detroit Free Press. He likes it, BUT went into the part you didn't, the electronics. He had very harsh words for the climate control system and smart phone integration.

  8. D LG

    This puts the Model X to shame and for less money. It should have a range of at least 300 miles. I think all high-end electrics should meet that threshold, but otherwise an excellent debut from Jaguar. And excellent review Tom, as always!

  9. aXimo

    12:20 – psst: those "extra laps" were planned from the very start. Its made in that way, so you will feel special. 😉
    Nonetheless, I hope Jaguar will overcome the battery availability issue, I really do, I'd like to see more of their cars like this one.

  10. C B

    What about autopilot? No mention of that? Also the ipace is missing the availability factor given that it is really far behind production promises and has a backlog of cars that it can't produce. So I'll stick with tesla. Good knowing that options are growing

  11. Sergiy Markutsya

    There is a number of comments on stating that I-Pace will compete with Tesla X. Too bad that this car is positioned as a Tesla competitor. Better if it would be considered as a competitor to BMW X5, Audi Q7, Range Rover Sport (owned by Jaguar), or Mercedes GLE. Major problems/limitations of the I-Pace: inefficient battery pack (when compared to Tesla battery pack). Absence of charging network limits long-distance travels (just see a map of DC chargers in the US to fully comprehend a problem). 100% rely on the external battery production (battery packs are purchased from LG Chem). I wish the best to all EV automakers because EV is the future. Hope, ALL automakers will understand this soon.

  12. Fissle Wine

    I love the interior dashboard and screen fitting, and the exterior is slick?; this car will really screw Tesla! Only thing I think this car needs is larger screen, and the ability to use the screen like a smart phone or additional mobile computer!

  13. drichard12

    I had the opportunity to view one and they are very nice inside. I wasn't able to drive it yet. They don't seem poorly built. Everything seemed high quality. Everything I messed around with had a solid feel to it. I was amazed that the A/C was Ice cold. I want one.

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