2019 Jaguar I-Pace deep dive with designer Wayne Burgess

Wayne Burgess, Jaguars Production Studio Director & SVO Projects. takes Autoblog on a closer look of the 2019 Jaguar I-Pace. Want more coverage of the 2018 NYIAS head over to autoblog.com

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33 Replies to “2019 Jaguar I-Pace deep dive with designer Wayne Burgess”

  1. TM

    I have watched more than a dozen reviews and none of them mention the air duct on the bonnet. I even went to a dealership and didnt notice the duct. Very weird. Now i like the car even more.

  2. First Name Second Name

    Lovely car but design or no design; a panoramic sunroof needs retractable sunshade, without it the car is freezing 🥶 cold in the winter or too hot 🥵 in direct summer sunlight, soft close doors should be standard on £70,000 + car, as too integrated rear side sun blinds.

  3. 1stMil.com

    I test drove one for 24 hours and bought one on the spot. Now just waiting for delivery in August here in Australia. Meanwhile I am making weekly videos about I-Pace on my channel too.


    shut the f**** and take my engine out of

    croissant cross breed Peugeot model SUV 1/2 Arthur evoke e pace go play with your f**** hybrid GKN PLC you're going to take my f**** engine out of ideas one way or another out of that I pace Jaguar so you can all go drive around in it because when you get recalled you might as well just send it back now and I'm returning to do that whether I haven't got £500,000 in your s*** democracy than the £500 whenever I make you from something else I'm going to be paying quite a lot of it to have your nose is broke your f**** bank balance what animal have you f**** month I don't give a s*** PayPal your security you think I'm f**** what that stupid to get caught and they wouldn't get the info them caught call neither that is one Way Or Another you are going to sleep so I got to get yourself to UK f**** intelligence love your body guards like every SAS is an educated all soldiers are f**** what well you f*** about with a soldier yeah one of those ones I got a soul but I'm not a soldier f*** you and f*** you and all your first class paid wages s*** up off your TV channel looking bright nice and shiny get me f**** engine out of your s*** car the Jaguar will never hurricane a different kind of animal you f*** around with one

  5. Roger Cowles

    Love that Jaguar are really going all in on the benefits of an electric drive train in terms of vehicle layout and packaging. Seems quite a break from other car makers with earlier efforts who just took a regular ICE vehicle and shoved in an electric drive train and trickled them out to dealers almost reluctantly. Excellent looking vehicle too which ticks all the boxes for a true second generation electric vehicle, 200+ mile range on a single charge, fast charging, performance and handling and great ratio of usable cabin space to vehicle footprint. If I had to chose between 2018 electric SUV's though I'd probably go for a Tesla Model X 75 as we'd need the extra 7 passenger seating and space for assorted crap we'd get with the bigger Tesla even though I'm sure that in the luxurious trim and general fit and finish categoriesthe iPace widdles all over the Model X … and since I'm dreaming as I could never afford either I'd also like a unicorn

  6. Bruce Burns

    One thing that is different to the concept car and that is the join and gap six inches back from the front on the bonnet rather than being a one piece bonnet to the very front and luckily they have curved the sides so it hasn't got that ugly straight unnecessary join in the bonnet like the Jag sedans which gives it a weakened look rather than a solid one piece bonnet .

  7. Bruce Burns

    Jaguar are now looking world class equal to anything the Germans are putting out , this car is a head and shoulders above the crowd , a credit to Jaguars design and technical ability , just magic .

  8. Fab24hdumans

    it's a coupe wagon, not even close of SUV segment… I built one on their website with minimum options, what a joke, it come out $86500!! $400 for a button close tail gate, $1400 to add "adaptive" to the cruise control and so on… Not ready for prime time this one

  9. David Black

    This car looks to be built very well, I ordered one! EV's give all legacy automakers an opportunity to re-invent themselves, and it looks like Jaguar has taken that opportunity seriously. It the engineering turns out to be good, this could be their first step to revitalization.

  10. h v

    The future is here ! What a sexy car on pure electricity ! If the build quality and electronics stand the test of time, this will be the launching path for Jaguar to become – even more – one of the most exquisite car manufactures..

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