2019 iPhone Leaks Have Begun!

The 2019 iPhone 11.. What We Know Now. Smaller Notch, Triple Lens Camera, Face ID Gen-2, No 3D Touch? The Leaks & Rumors.

iPhone XI Concept:

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  1. Ahmed Hassan

    I'm very surprised on how you are trying to hard to repeat what the rest of the Android lovers say. first of all apple is doing very well because based on their official financial results in last quarter they made USD 31 billion in revenue from the iPhone sales alone, Huawei as a group ( mean the whole group of companies) official results for the same quarter was 26 Billion USD and they were not brave enough to report sales revenue per entity or per product at least because most of the sales are from budget devices that sells well in poor and semi-developed countries and based on the flagship sales alone apple is the highest selling smartphone.
    – if you want to use the uniqueness factor lets compare Samsung s8,9 and 10 give me a wow feature??? there is none because there is actually nothing more unique to do because the market when the first iPhone or Samsung came was different unlike today where all smartphones copy each other just to stay competitive as a result product differentiation is impossible.

  2. olivia rose

    What I want to see in the future of iPhone:
    – embedded front facing camera
    – .7 mm headphone jack
    – 3 rear facing cameras (idk why but I really want the camera thing on the back go be a square shape)
    – wireless power share
    – usbc and not lightning
    – fast chargering block included
    – more customization: eg. change notification colours, text message colours, keyboard themes, etc.
    – option for app split screen (this would be so freaking useful)
    – keep 3D Touch
    – curved edges (of screen)
    – in screen Touch ID & better/more reliable/quicker Face ID
    – lighter!!! (Iphones are heavy af)
    – folders within folders/groups within groups
    – better battery life
    – improve Siri and her responses (like less just searching the web for simple questions)
    – instead of making Siri fill the entire screen, make it more like a notification that pops up when you say hey Siri, and allows you to not have to stop what your doing while talking to Siri
    – along with the notification thing, make incoming calls come in as notification banners and let you do something if you want to just let they phone call ring out instead of declining it (idk maybe this one is a bit stupid)
    – add more things to add to your home screen- like to-do lists that you can edit anytime, and put on your home screen, or daily quotes for example (basically more customizable)
    I don’t know why I did this- I was just really bored

  3. Olivia Park

    Ways apple can improve:
    Fingerprint on the apple logo
    Apple logo lights up but is optional
    Flat sides cause it’s nice idk why but I love that design
    Faster internet but I that’s just the WiFi
    Better focus
    More pixels
    More variety of color matte metallic or just color
    Water not effecting the speakers

  4. M J

    For iphone to win the race again:
    •Notification light in notch
    •let us put our apps werr we want em example near our bloody thumb not on top or the screen opposite it 🤦🏻‍♂️
    •touch more customisations
    Surely cant be that hard 🤷🏻‍♂️

  5. MainlyCarThings

    I love android, i would get an iPhone if they offered better value for money. At $999 you can by a great mid-tier android phone and still have $400 remaining. If apple decreased their prices and got rid of the notch i would buy an iphone. But atm, android is for me. iPhones are great phones, but the value for money is very poor.

  6. J AL Bracil

    People here are saying that the sales arent doing well because of the high price tag.. well, that could be one. But the biggest reason i would say is that, iphones are not innovative.. they are not releasing something new and exciting. Their phone is boring… sure, i was an apple fan… but not anymore until iphone 7 was released.. there was nothing new. It was boring.. samsung had everything and beyond of what they were offering that time.

    But im still here, wanting to know about some news from apple hoping.. that one day the soul of the great steve will hunt them there i apple… to make their products what it'a suppose to be. Innovative and exciting and clean and easthetically amazing.

    Ps. The least you could do for us is to allow apple watch to be compatible with our galacy s10…

  7. mizo tech channel

    its value going down bcoz..people started to wake up except american people ..they know how to spend their money wisely now…thats why…and this channel is all about apple…one thing for sure the honor doesnt know the value of money i can say that clearly..just becoze of his channel name…and still he talks about the advantage of iphone haha…its kinda funny…i use it for 8 straight years once i started using android..i wake up
    ..and i wonder how can i be that stupid

  8. shanazirk

    Still it will be $1000 .. I have more than 10 apple users ..they now shifted to Android ..Just bcz of the price …
    iPhoneIsDead . i will not tell about MacBook … Apple can concentrate in ThinkClients kind of High performance Client systems which is comparable with unix or windows servers … They should stop manufacturing #iPhone bcz it is waste to be in the race of cheap and best andriod phone

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