2019 I-PACE | Home Charging Options | Jaguar USA

| For optimum charging of the I-Pace at home, you can purchase and install a Jaguar approved home charger.

The I‑PACE is equipped with a 7 kW single-phase AC on-board charger, which can fully recharge the vehicle overnight when using a Jaguar approved home charger. Alternatively the Jaguar I-PACE can be plugged in directly to a domestic socket. While charging directly via a domestic socket is slower than with a home charger, it should be sufficient to cover the average daily commute of 30 miles if the vehicle is charged overnight.

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  1. David Campbell

    Thanks for the video. Is there a home charger thats more powerful than just a 32 amps system? We love the iPace, and have completed our build. I'm looking for something more powerful like a Phase 3 Charging System, or a 48 amps system thats push out more power, thus by charging faster. ChargePoint does not have anything that powerful. I've looked on their website. Would love to know your thoughts on that. Thanks in advance.

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