2019 Chevy Bolt – Tech Features – Everything You NEED to Know!⚡

In this video we will be taking a look at the technology features found on the 2019 Chevrolet Bolt!

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26 Replies to “2019 Chevy Bolt – Tech Features – Everything You NEED to Know!⚡”

  1. Chris Maki

    Loved your review. Wife and I just bought 2019 Bolt Premier in “Shock” yellow. Loving it. I learned a few things I didn’t know already about my new car. Thanks.

  2. MsPokey1234

    Love to see "WALMART" be the first to have about 6+ charge stations @ EVERY STORE in USA near front or side of store to buy say a 1 hour Charge! Walmart knows the Customer will have an hour+ to shop during the charge & we will know that if you go to Walmart to shop there here will be charge stations too!

  3. Diego Medina

    Very good review, I got the 2020 Bolt premier about 3 weeks ago and I love it, but I really hope they don't go 100% touch screen buttons. There are many cases where the hardware buttons are just a lot safer when driving. Things like needing the defrost, or something simple like changing cabin temperature, I can stay on whichever screen I am (specially here where you don't have navigation built in and need to use apple carplay or android auto). And voice recognition isn't fast enough either (to replace hardware buttons)

  4. Alejandro Bello

    Well-detailed review.
    Just a recommendation: Leave the 15min+ review of the center console for later, and focus on actually driving the thing first. After all it's a car, not a tablet with optional wheels.


    I'm not agree if The Chevy-Bolt is A Uncool Electric~Car by the automotive journalist because this is a good-choices for the low-end segmentation customer as the practical electro small~vehicles into a worker-family entry levels with a low-budget in around the world & it's different with the tesla-motors company expensive-product's to the high-end class or a richly consumers market!

  6. #LMASA

    Love my '19 Chevy Bolt Premier and one peddle driving… Have a home charger and range is crazy good regularly get about 200 miles with approx 25kwh remaining.

  7. desiv 1

    So, this guy isn't impressed and appears disappointed in this car… Was he really your best option? If you want to sell these cars, this video isn't a way to do that.

  8. seth alton

    Leave my volume knob alone… nothing worse than when I need to turn down the music or notifications quickly and I'm at the mercy of the developer. Everything else… let it go into software.

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