2019 Chevy Bolt EV Review – The Best Electric Car?

We go for a drive in the 2019 Chevrolet Bolt EV

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Our reviews give you two perspectives. Jakub takes the perspective of the car enthusiast, while Yuri represents the interests of the general consumer. You won’t find details about engine compression ratios here, instead you’ll have real world opinions on what it’s like to drive and own cars.

29 Replies to “2019 Chevy Bolt EV Review – The Best Electric Car?”

  1. TheStraightPipes

    Is this the best electric car currently for sale?

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  2. rambo4war

    EV cars to be efficient should be small and compact. This bolt and the i3 have the dimensions about right. If your driving an overloaded Tesla or these huge EVs then you're not really getting the best value. Not a fan of both designs but I would say this is the better value in this small car category. I might consider a leaf; but this looks like a more "normal" and practical design.

  3. Brent Hill

    Speaking of liking options I really dig the idea of the ability to plug in plus use a gas motor such as in the Volt for the times when we find ourselves on a planet with a hundred years of existing gasoline as well as power grid infrastructure.
    This car as it is would be an okay urban second vehicle for a max price of 15-20 thousand without any government incentives costing the public. 51 thousand is a joke.
    The style is tolerable for a grocery getter. The colour of this model is hideous.

  4. marsrover001

    Regarding etiquette. If no one is waiting for the charger, camp on that spot all you want. Most chargers have 2 ports, if someone comes and takes the last remaining port, then it's time to leave.

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