2019 Chevrolet Volt Review – The Plug-In Swan Song

After we filmed this review, GM killed off their first plug-in hybrid model. After a great deal of debate we decided to just go ahead and publish this review as a memorial to the only PHEV with a truly split-down-the-middle personality.

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24 Replies to “2019 Chevrolet Volt Review – The Plug-In Swan Song”

  1. Don Berry

    When people buy foreign products it hurts American industry. No range problem with this and I could do most of my trips with No gas and drive across the nation without delay.

  2. Ray Brown

    Very nice looking ride much nicer than the original body style, sad GM once again quits before the race has even started.
    I will keep my Toyota Prius 2013 I call her ugly, however I have to say her mileage is superior as I average 55 MPG mostly city and I have gotten as high as 64.6 MPG and the lowest was about 44 MPG when forced to do 65-70 MPH on the freeway.

  3. C

    I would choose a Volt. It is pure EV until battery runs out. No other car does that…… oh, and I already have a Volt. 🙂

  4. Pablo Miguel Tejera

    Is GM in suicide mode? This is one of their only funcional cars left; most of their other stuff breaks too soon. It's amusing that they can have moments of brilliance, such as this car, among a preponderance of stupidity.

  5. Matthew Rosario

    I don't know how to explain this but the Volt is like the I3. It is a all electric car with a on boards generator.

    A hybrid has a gas engine that is used to power the car and charge the battery…

    Both the BMW i3 and the Chevy volt use electric only to power. The gas engine only charges the battery and doesn't drive the wheel.

  6. usmcsaxoki

    I can't sing the praise of the Volt enough. I've had my 2013 Gen. 1 Volt for about three years and have absolutely loved it. Such a great car but at the same time, extremely hard to market and explain to anyone not interested. My next car will be 100% electric or a Gen. 2 Volt.

  7. Jim Amos

    Does anyone know if one can upgrade the 2017 Volt Infotainment and Console firmware for the latest 2019 version as shown in this video? I also lament not having the newer and more powerful 7.2kW charger, and perhaps that might be upgrade-able?? It's still a phenomenal car.

  8. Corey Barcus

    It appears that GM and a few other automakers (Hyundai, Honda, Audi, Toyota) are moving towards fuel cell electric vehicles. Within a few years, this powertrain should be affordable while offering long range, particularly benefiting larger vehicles like pickups and SUVs. Recent technical achievements in fuel cell platinum loading, stack management, and H2 storage should bring the cost of the powertrain close to that of combustion vehicles, while improving durability.



  9. H. Snider

    So the Government is paying PEOPLE to buy a car from a company that had to be bailed out… ONCE the MONEY runs out they are going to stop making it ! HOW/ WHY IS Gm still in business! ? I'D RATHER WALK THAN BUY A CAR FROM A COMPANY THAT DOES BUSINESS THIS WAY! THEY SHOULD GO OUT OF BUSINESS.

  10. electrictroy2010

    HUGE waste of tax dollars (millions in rebates). The government spent all that money & now the car is gone. What was accomplished? Nothing except lots of money spent & national debt increased


  11. Rob Glick

    My wife drove a 2012 Volt for a few years before selling and buying a CPO Model S 85. The Tesla is certainly faster and more attractive than the 1st gen Volt but we're actually considering selling the Tesla for a slightly used 2nd gen Volt due to better features and very close to the same efficiency. The downside of course is less performance and the MS still looks beautiful. Tough decision.

  12. David Guerriero

    Great job at comparing the cars unique features. I think you can win at any of those choices.

    The Volt would be my top pick except for one thing – no spare tire. I really want a spare tire! Do the others have spare tires? The idea of a loose tire in the hatch is not comforting in an accident. Any thoughts on this issue? Thanks.

  13. Ravi Sriram

    I had thought about getting a Volt as it is the most interesting car to
    be produced by GM in recent years; it was attractive ( unlike the Bolt ) and, in many ways, ahead of its time. One possible reason for its demise might have been GM's mistake in not making it fully electric, another was the poor marketing campaign.

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