2019 Chevrolet Bolt Premier EV – Review

Jason takes the 2019 Chevy Bolt Premier for a spin. In the snow.

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17 Replies to “2019 Chevrolet Bolt Premier EV – Review”

  1. Peppermint

    These had problems with leaking steering rack, and creaks from the sway bar, which needs the subframe to be lowered. And that's only with very few miles, well before the warranty expires. Just check out Bolt forums. I'm happy GM is trying to make electric cars, but for some reason they don't seem to put enough money in these projects. As for very cold weather range, that is the problem with any electric car and not many people living in northern states/Canada know well about this: expect around 40% range drop in subfreezing temps. In fact same happens in very hot weather and at higher driving speeds.

  2. Milo

    The weight is mostly in the front. But it's really that the weight it very evenly distributed throughout the floor of the car since the battery is the vast majority of the weight. There's nothing in the back of the car weight-wise, on the other hand the front of the car holds the motor and other battery modules.

  3. Sylvain Bien Sur

    I tried one I was absolutely crazy about it. Bought it. This car is fun. It's got plenty of torque. I found the handling very good. The center of gravity is very low. I get more 350-450 km per charge so far in summer. 13000 $ rebate in Quebec. 600 $ refund for installing a charger home. No more gas. Oil change… LOVE THIS CAR.
    If needed GM service centre are everywhere unlike some of the competitors.

  4. Jeff

    I love the interior, after all it is a Chevy, so I never expected luxury interior plastics. I think its handling is great in dry conditions. The main reason for me buying my 2017 Chevy Bolt without any tax brake (I don't qualify) was for the environment. The secondary reason was because it was less expensive than the Tesla Model 3 and sits higher up so it is easier to get in and out of. The third reason is because I've always wanted an electric car because I can't stand ICE cars with their exhaust smell. And lastly, electric cars require less maintenance. Also, I live in an area where the electricity is very green, so an all electric car is the greenest option. Longer trips so far have not been a problem, you just have to carefully plan it out by using PlugShare dot com

  5. Leo M. Mara

    The "L" on the shift handle stands for LAZY. Too lazy to lift ones foot from the accelerator pedal to place it on the brake pedal. 😎
    I prefer "D". I lift my foot from the accelerator pedal and use the regen paddle on the back of the steering wheel to slow and bring my Bolt gracefully to a stop while resting my ankle and foot giving them a well-deserved break. 😉

  6. Marius Marin

    Very good review. I was very close to buy one. I tested it in good weather but now I am convinced that the price is not matching the quality.I even told to the dealership , if they will sell it for max $38K CAD after all applicable taxes& dealership fees , I will buy it. And the base model no more than $30K CAD. And obviously they refused !

  7. #LMASA

    your driving on the snow and you are saying it handles bad? You shouldn't be trying to go hard around turns in any car in the snow. I can get any car to not handle well in the snow.

  8. TimPJ

    How about the benefits to the air quality? It handles better than most small hatchbacks and the weight is very well distributed so not sure what you were feeling there? Have driven ours for 12,000 km and total costs of roughly $400 in electricity. No servicing costs. Rebates still available in other provinces. Agree with some of the things in your review like the seats and effects of cross winds but that is about it. Has been an amazing commute car thus far.

  9. Rennie Allen

    What a garbage review. Can't even get the basics right. The transmission is a single speed manual not an automatic (every gear change requires that the driver make the change which is the definition of a manual transmission).

  10. Belvedere

    Some of the worst efficiency I've ever seen. In -25 in the Midwest the worst I saw was 3.1 mi/kwh – not the cars fault. Expiring tax incentives exclusive to only one of the car's available markets – not the car's fault. Oversteer in a front wheel drive car in the winter? You don't say! Sounds like the car has the wrong driver.

  11. Blake

    Bahahaha love the balls comment. This review shows evs are not meant for everywhere in the world. That range decrease is terrible in the cold. I honestly cant believe how terrible the inferior and seats are. Add to that the dorky looking exterior and no led headlamps just show all the corners cut. Reviewer nailed it. With the rebate gone,this makes no sense

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