2019 Audi eTron Prestige Quick Drive and Price

Audi now has their first all-electric model available in the US. To me, it is very similar to the Audi Q8. Like most Audi SUV models, this has all wheel drive via two electric motors, one at each axle.

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  1. Peter Epstein

    Audi E-tron Prestige starts at $81,800. The new Tesla Model X standard range starts at $81,000. Model X goes 265 miles and recharges quickly at Superchargers. E-tron goes only 204 miles and has a far more limited quick charging network. Both have liquid cooled batteries with excellent fast charging capability, dual motor AWD, adaptive suspension, and large high quality infotainment systems.

    They each have their advantages: Model X is significantly faster to 60 and has more sophisticated autonomous driving capability. E-tron is probably quieter on the highway, is definitely more luxurious, and is an SUV rather than crossover. Both are good EVs.

  2. Gio S6

    This is the first fully electric vehicle that I am a fan of! From a financial standpoint, when I reach the point in my career where I can afford that price tag I would most likely lease one of these bad boys! I like it 😁

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