2019 Audi e-tron review – is Audi's first electric car any good? | What Car?

In the three years it’s taken to develop the Audi e-tron from concept to production, we’ve seen the Tesla Model X, Jaguar I-Pace, and Mercedes EQC arrive. So with plenty of competition, what makes the e-tron stand out? Is it now the best electric SUV on sale? Watch our review to find out, and to save thousands on your next new car visit:

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32 Replies to “2019 Audi e-tron review – is Audi's first electric car any good? | What Car?”

  1. Old Fossil

    So in summary, it is more expensive than the competition, as well as slower, has a shorter range and is less pleasant to drive – what a winner from VW. The cabin is however quite nice so long as you like grey. I suspect VW just grabbed one of their current SUV platforms, ripped out the stinking diesel and replaced with an electric motor and batteries. The market is probably limited to mums who need to drop the kids off at school before going to her job at a nail bar, with perhaps a trip to Lidl at lunchtime to collect pizza and red bull for the children's tea.


    Great in-depth review! Very much appreciated.  
    One question, do the mirror cameras help with visibility from the approaching High Beams? 
    Thank's …
    By the way the gram bars in the front are common & very useful when making a unexpected or quick turn. Helps a great deal, Ive had many cars with this feature. Not too impressed with the materials that went into the vehicle. I found the Hybrid Lincon Aviator has a Much Much better interior.

  3. ram64man

    Complaint about not having a front trunk ? Oh please that’s not a deal breaker so it just gas a place to put the charge cables you won’t be needing (after all who has an ev without a wall box) at least Audi made it water proof Unlike the i3

  4. Mr11ESSE111

    what is the point of this car especially when you for same or lower price you can get Tesla X with much better performance and range and more room inside and so on!!?'!! this car is for rich and stupid only or stupidly rich

  5. jaro essa

    This car is PATHETIC! Why? Only a 200 mile range?!?! And that is for a car priced $75,000…and for that price they couldn't even include the at-home fast charger – they want you to pay extra for that. Pffftt…….This car suffers from the same "Trio of Troubles" as all EV's do – overpriced and unaffordable for your average consumer, extremely limited range and slow recharge time. I doubt you will see these flying out of the showrooms at $1200 monthly car payment.

  6. Billy M

    Picked up Edition One last week. Interior and fit and finish clearly superior to I pace and Tesla; Not as quick as either; not an issue but it certainly depends on driving habits and preference. E Tron has plenty of linear acceleration for me (my prior car was Macan Turbo). More quiet than Tesla, although I pace does a pretty good job at wind noise. Infotainment package better than I Pace, but Tesla's single screen setup could be preferred for a more Apple-like feel. Personally, I like the E Tron package and I don't find it daunting especially once you customize it. Handling on curves is certainly not on par with I Pace, but I didn't get it to throw it around curves like my Macan. Range was in issue although I'm getting 220 on display based on my driving habits. I would not get E Tron if I anticipated more than 5-6 plus 200 mile road trips a year. Bottom line, E Tron better for more conservative owner who averages less than 100 miles per day and relishes no drama, luxurious driving as opposed to rally like experience.

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