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Edmunds Senior Reviews Editor Mark Takahashi trekked all the way to Abu Dhabi to drive one of the most anticipated EVs to come to market: the 2019 Audi e-tron. In this review, he evaluates all the features that are important to shoppers in this rather exclusive luxury EV class.

Q: When does the e-tron arrive in the U.S.?
A: The 2019 Audi e-tron will show up in dealerships in the spring of 2019.

Q: How much will it cost?
A: Prices start at $75,795 for the Premium Plus trim and jump to $82,795 for the Prestige model.

Q: How much range does it have?
A: On a full charge, it’s estimated to travel 248 miles, according to European testing. The U.S. tests differently, and the estimate will likely be a little less.

Q: How long does it take to charge?
A: The e-tron is compatible with 150-kW fast chargers that can “fill” it to 80 percent in only 30 minutes.

Q: Is it fast?
A: It’s fast enough, but it’s still slower than its chief rivals.

Q: What does the e-tron compete against?
A: Rivals include the Tesla Model X, the Jaguar I-Pace and the forthcoming Mercedes-Benz EQC.

Q: How many airline miles does Mark have?
A: His account is now measured in parsecs.

Read our First Drive of the 2019 Audi e-tron here:

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31 Replies to “2019 Audi e-tron Joins the Luxury EV Class | Edmunds”

  1. Jesse Chen

    Audi flies journalists and critics to Abu Dhabi to review the e-tron. All expenses are paid by Audi, including business class tickets… Edmunds makes money when consumer go through its site to buy cars by selling leads (consumer information) to dealers. Tesla has a direct to consumer sales model. Edmunds cannot make any money of Tesla but, on the other hand, Audi, which is part of VAG, and its dealer network are big buyers of Edmunds' online lead. It is no surprise that "Audi e-tron is more versatile than Tesla model X" coming from Edmunds…

  2. nafnaf0

    Rear seats look like they are a little bigger than the Q5. I am surprised it only weighs 4000lbs. Those electric rear view mirrors are annoying, thankfully they are banned in the states

  3. Ma liberté financière

    The more I see other manufacturers EV cars, the more I want to buy a Tesla… I think they all miss the point, what made Tesla TESLA is the tech, the wow factor, the rule breaking, the way they revelutionized cars… others just seems to put a battery underneath a conventional car…

  4. Joe

    People need to know how inefficient this thing is. I’ve been looking forward to this quite a bit, but a 95kwh battery not being able to get near 300 miles of range is awful. It’s so bad that the 150kw charging probably won’t charge any more miles per hour than a Kia E-Niro going 77kw.

    What a let down…

  5. s b

    More versatility over model X? That’s a joke. Of course you are paid to say that. Right amount of power? A man never has enough power, especially for a car. Model X will put a smile on you face when you step on the accelerator. I didn’t see you smile, not once.

  6. mravecsk1

    There was not much said about the car in this review actualy. First is crazy consumption of this car (almost 3 tons) of around 300wh/km. So even when bashing on Tesla model X it has the same or lower range than model X 75D in the wild so it seems like quite some waste of 90kwh battery pack (usable around 82perc) Also the artifically delayed is qutie weird, and not the plus. It is exactly what is expected from EV to have the torque at the moment when needed so making it look like on the ICE car is just supid remnant of ICE era to make the EV look like an ICE. Get over it. In regard to regen there are usualy setings to set the power of the regen. Audi e-tron has quite strong regen so yes you can have strong regen even on this one (like deploying shute) if you choose to. Interface is much better on Tesla,dif level and time. Saying that e-tron has much better versatility than model X sounds more like a joke. Still e-tron is very nice Audis first EV not as half baked EV i-pace.

  7. Tong Tran

    model x has three rows and more storage space. The robust supercharger network allows for long distance road trips as well. Being a crossover, the etron is closer to the model 3/Y than the X

  8. CMCNestT

    Model X is a class size bigger, it can fit 7 full sized adults. Audi should be much cheaper.
    If potential EV owner doesn't care about Ludicrous mode then he won't care about tossability in the corners.

  9. MrCoreForce

    Reading the marketing sheet, what have you been invited for to the desert? Real range is 190 miles because of terrible consumption from async motors only design, and the batteries are not directly cooled. This car is a clear step backwards.

  10. mrpmj00

    This Audi's brakes sound way better than theTesla Model 3 that I test drove. Tesla's aggressive regenerative braking is like slamming on the brakes in my gas car, risk of getting rear-ended.
    For a luxury car, Tesla's ride is too firm, interior is too noisy, ride too stiff.

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