2018 Tesla Model X P100D Ludicrous $170K – Full Review 4K – In Depth Tech Overview

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We’ve been looking at replacement vehicles to replace our Genesis Coupe and have always loved the Tesla’s. We had seen a lot of content on the Model X, but had yet to try one out. I stopped by the local Tesla showroom and was able to get a Tesla for an overnight extended test drive. I didn’t realize that this was going to be almost an hour long video, but I love tech and I don’t really see any other videos that go this in depth!

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25 Replies to “2018 Tesla Model X P100D Ludicrous $170K – Full Review 4K – In Depth Tech Overview”

  1. vipers2804

    It is easy with a Regular car you can put gas in it and go tesla you have to wait for a while until it is done charging that takes forever i would be late getting to my destination if i had a tesla

  2. Arieh Whisenhunt

    Most comprehensive video I’ve seen so far, and I’ve seen a lot. Yes, it is long, but you went through all of the features, which most people skip over. Good job!! I just bought a Model X and have been looking for a comprehensive video to show me all the features that are glossed over before I get my car in 2 weeks and you did the job.

  3. M 205

    I'm in texas as well. I have a newish(3yrs old) Hyundai sonata hybrid …I wish I knew about Tesla before I spent 30k on a hybrid limited😭 my goal is to save and buy a model x in a few years. 🤞

  4. joewillgo

    @Tom's Telsa Garage Did it come with vented seats that cool down with air? I thought they were standard on the P100D model esspiecally at a 170k price tag. Also, why 170k? For me, when I build the P100D and add all of the auto drive features and add 7 seats the price comes to 151k (BEFORE SAVINGS)

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