2018 Nissan LEAF – Shift Lever

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This electronic shift lever operates differently than other Nissan shift levers. To operate it, first place the vehicle in READY TO DRIVE mode.

Now, with the brake pedal fully depressed, slide the shift lever forward along the gate and release to engage reverse.

Pull the shift lever along the gate and release to engage Drive.

With Drive engaged, slide the shift lever to the left and down again and hold it to engage B mode.

If you wish the vehicle to be in neutral, slide the shift lever slightly to the side. After sliding, maintain the same position until the vehicle is placed in the neutral position, then release it.

To put the vehicle in Park, press the Park button after the vehicle is completely stopped. Pressing the Park button places the transmission into Park, but does not apply the parking brake. In addition to placing the transmission in park, always apply the parking brake.

Please see your Owner’s Manual for important safety information, system limitations, and additional operating and feature information.”

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