2018 Nissan Leaf | Fully Charged

A slightly jet-lagged episode from Japan, where I attended the launch of the 2018 Nissan Leaf.

The only Nissan sourced info about the new Leaf is on their US site ATM.


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  1. Patrick W

    Bit of a shame that Because people "didn't like the looks of the original", they just make it a clone of everything else. Still, once everything becomes autonomous, I suppose we'll all be sitting in electric lunch boxes anyway!

  2. dlwatib

    For an "all new" car, the Leaf is pretty warmed over. The body is basically the same froggish hatchback, just better styling on the lights front and rear. The battery is still air-cooled—totally inadequate in challenging climates (either hot or cold) like Arizona and California or Minnesota and North Dakota. The range may suffice for dinky Japan, maybe even compact, dense Europe, but definitely not the USA with its wide open spaces.

  3. ritar

    It's now available in Japan! I had a test ride and here's my short review:
    1. I recommend you to look at real car when it is released in your country. I thought it was nicer looking than I had expected.
    2. Interior looked pretty normal. Classic and well built. It may be less futuristic than Tesla, but everyone will be able to feel relaxed.
    3. Driver's seat was a little bit narrow. Large or fat people might have some problems.
    4. Battery was 90% then and the meter said the range was around 240km (with A/C on, October in Nagoya, around 27℃). I think this is enough in such a small country.
    5. Driving was smooth and pretty quiet inside the car. I could hear less noise from outside than the old leaf.
    6. e-Pedal was interesting. The brake lights come on when the sensor detected much backward acceleration. And they don't keep turned on after the car stops completely so you have to use normal brake pedal as well.
    Overall, it was like a pretty normal car with nice exterior and surprisingly quiet and smooth driving feel. We can get ¥300000 support from the government and ¥400000 from the city, so leaf can actually compete in price with ICE car. My mother drove it and got excited. Model 3 looks very advanced and attractive for geeky people(including me), but I thought a lot of normal and conservative people might buy this new leaf over Tesla. When I recommended her Tesla she said she didn't want to buy a car from such company with very few dealers(at least here), without test drive. Considering Tesla could produced only 260 Model 3 so far, I think new leaf had a potential to be a good choice. Sorry for broken English!

  4. Nadeem Ahmed

    40kwh 60kwh.. whatever. But what about and estate version… or a 7 seat people carrier version. Like a Toyota Carola verso.. Or a coupe version… How about some more choice in the electric car market and some fun.. Other than £100k Tesla.. We need more options and more flexibility. Small hatchbacks we have loads..

  5. biohazard 918

    This does have the self driving features and the price going for it over the bolt. The problem for me isn't range, 150 miles is more then adequate more would always be nice but its fine. The problem is the battery or rather the cooling for it The bolt and the various tesla models have liquid cooled batteries while the leaf uses air. This might not be an issue in the uk but I live in the southern bit of the us it gets rather hot here and the first gen leaf has had major battery degradation issues do to over heating here in the states. I kinda can't believe they went with an air cooled pack again it's a major design flaw.

  6. Graham Cookman

    Personally I can't see the single pedal thing working, What happens when you need to make a emergency stop? Also why isn't there a solar panel built into the roof? It could give that little bit more range.

  7. Rikki Jacobs

    I really want to get an electric car, and like the leaf's concept. But with having a family, and one car between us we need a big capacity car. Why are none on the main stream manufacturers bringing out an estate or MPV/SUV style electric vehicle? They are all small, or saloons with small boot lids which are no good. Tesla are the only ones currently with decent load space (both the S and the X) and its disapointing the the soon to be coming over Model 3 has a saloon boot too, unlike the S. there seem to be very little under the £40k mark. The Jaguar Ipace looks attractive, but will no doubt be priced to be similar to the Model X. Bring out the estates and MPVs for familys and maybe they will get more attraction.

  8. Chris B

    When will they make electric cars with finger print technology so I can open the doors and start the engine without carrying keys around with me everywhere? …Key fobs seem so 20th century.

  9. Twelve Wing Productions

    I love your channel and your videos but this one seems like a bit of forced promotion. Perhaps we have all become a little jaded as to what the traditional auto makers have on offer because Tesla has set the bar so high.
    Things like auto park and lane keeping make us yawn now.. and it's all about the range.

    Month after month we hear about the "Tesla Killer" waiting in the wings to squash Tesla.. that will be release in 2 years.. and have the same performance that Tesla's do now.
    So for now, it seems that the other manufacturers are still playing catch up. Statements like "The car will only have to be charged once a week" shouldn't even be repeated by someone like you. At least not with a straight face.
    We rely on you to bring us these things with the insight you have gathered over the years. Not doing so doesn't really help Nissan with what they need to accomplish as to the goals they set.

    A car with 180 miles of range is simply NOT going to be charged once a week. You know this, I know this, and most of your other subscribers know this. A car with 400 miles range… will be charged once a week. This is pretty basic stuff. If you have a gasoline car with a 400 mile range and you go to the gas station once a week.. you charge your car once a week. That aspect of this isn't rocket science.

    In short what we need to make crystal clear to the auto makers is that no car with less than 200 miles of range is going to be taken seriously and they need to be shooting for a 350-400 mile range.
    I think this will be achieved in less than 4 years.

  10. NerveJam.Com

    Have you seen Auntie Beeb's feature on this? They managed to include "range-anxiety", "charging issues" and the "extra power stations" things, but mainly took the opportunity to have a go at Nissan, who are actually our main manufacturer of electric cars.. the Leaf is significantly cheaper than the Tesla model 3 AND the Bolt.. the "range graph" only includes the previous (2016) model, but they don't mention that.. Here's the link: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-41170144 – maybe it's just me reading it "wrong"?

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