2018 Nissan Leaf – Episode 014 – Dashboard computer tour

A quick trial of using the cabin heater to melt some snow, and an in-depth look at the dashboard computer user interface.

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  1. Walking Zed's Push Bike

    About a fortnight ago I luckily found your video about installing a dash camera in your car. To which I still haven't gotten sorted in my car ?
    Now this morning I, again, luckily found this video, about several things that I have been stumbling around trying to sort, or should I be honest and just call it, 'couldn't figure out how to make it work', with my, about 6 week old 2018 Leaf SL.
    Let us back-up a bit. For the first month, the car was missing three things that had been nicked from one car to include in another car. Or as it has been called here, State-side, 'robbing Peter to pay Paul'.
    The main thing was the SIM card that remembers all settings, connects the Nissan Connect… which would not allow several things/settings on the car.
    Now, in about 30 minutes to an hour I will get to see what I learned from you.
    If I haven't been clear enough, thank you for your help. ?

  2. padraig cullinane

    Thanks. Got a leaf yesterday and this really helps. Can you confirm if drive computers 1 and 2 are present in all trim levels as I can't seem to access them. My spec in Ireland is the SV premium, one below the top spec.

  3. Howard

    Good job Aaron, very clear description of the menu functions, thanks very much.

    I also saw a video stateting that there is a constantly running function, where the last 10seconds of data, including the front facing camera, is stored in memory! but it didn't say how you would retreive it. Probably via the OBD connector.

  4. williamlorimer060867

    Hi Aaron just got my tekna after a long wait ,after watching your video a few times you seem to have a few pages more than me looks like I don’t have the driving computer 1&2 and chassis control I only have 4 pages in the information section

  5. Jeff Goodenough

    +Aaron Russell I have a problem. I've had the car a day, and wondered why I couldn't find my drive computers. So I watched this video again and on the 'i' screen, I only have the first 4 pages, i.e. it stops at the tyre pressures page. You have 8 pages on yours. I'll be back to the dealer's now to show them the pictures I took of your screens to find out what is happening.

  6. RWBHere

    Melting snow takes a lot of energy: It takes as much energy to melt snow at 0°C as it takes to heat the same quantity of water from 0°C to 60°C.
    Thanks for the video, Aaron.

  7. Stephen Linden

    Does anything need to be enabled for the trip computer screens? I don't see them but I've not been able to get Nissan connect to work. My car doesn't appear to have Nissan connect enabled or it can't find a mobile signal which is doubtful.

  8. Attila Sziklai

    Hey Aaron,
    Great and informative videos on your channel.
    I have a question if you don't mind…
    Did you have any problem with Nissan Connect EV?
    I've just get my hands on my 2.zero and it seems the TCU is not active at all. Maybe it takes a couple of days for Nissan and I have just to wait. Of course I wrote to Nissan about it but it's weekend you know. Thanks for your answer!

  9. Canadian baylor

    Thanks for the video. About timed charging, let’s say that you set up the car to charge at 4:00 am every morning and you forgot to plug in the vehicle one day, will you be warned prior to scheduled time that the car is unplugged or will the car just not charge?

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