2018 Nissan Leaf 2.Zero – My thoughts after 24 hours of ownership

After picking my car up on Tuesday evening, here are my first thoughts after 24 hours of ownership, about the handover and my first trip commuting to work around the dreaded M25.

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28 Replies to “2018 Nissan Leaf 2.Zero – My thoughts after 24 hours of ownership”

  1. mark120169

    Got 36 MONTHS pch for a 2018 Tekna 40kwh, Flame Red, @ 20k miles p/a, for £413 down and 413 pcm on a 1+35 basis. 8p a mile excess miles. Considering I currently pay £330 pcm to buy a 2015 Honda Civic Diesel and put £300 pcm of diesel in it, £413 pcm for way higher spec and £50 pcm of leccy is a big monthly saving for to drive a brand new car. A leaving the house daily fully charged and putting just 1 rapid charge a day with give me 200 miles per day in winter and 300+ in Summer, I do 100-200 and average about 125 per day.

  2. Björn Jonsson

    Thanx for the review, I ordered my new Leaf today, Yippie 🙂 I have been driving a Tekna for three years now and I'm very satisfied with the Leaf. A little audio advise: try to connect a targeted microphone the next time, people often forgets how important the sound quality is when they're making videos. Otherwise your review was really good, cheers! Bjorn

  3. Neal Archer

    No battery active battery cooling on new leaf same as the 30kwhr. Battery on 30 overheats after 4 consecutive rapid charges, beware compromised car if you want to travel long distances.

  4. Tommy Roche

    Hi. Congrats on the new chariot. ?. Would £12 electricity cost for your weekly 300 mile commute be close to the mark ? Obviously a bit less in milder weather. I'm sure from March/April onwards you' can be confident that a full charge will safely cover 2 days commuting with plenty in reserve.

  5. Charles Holland-Keen

    Very interesting and informative video. Thinking of having a test drive soon. Possibly our next car if charging infrastructure improves. My only criticism is that you spent too much time driving one handed. I would have that there would be few reasons to take either hand of the steering wheel.

  6. Robert Zysblat

    Congrats on your New Leaf . The sound on my headphones gave the impression that the car inside driving was not as quiet as I would have expected . How quiet is the car when driving lets say on the M25 ?

  7. Jim T

    Thanks for the quick review – I just noticed there's no longer a compartment for sunglasses. 🙁 What's that cable by the rear-view mirror? Is this a camera?

  8. ivanilia

    Thanx for your thoughts. You drive your car as if you've had it for a long time 🙂
    Does it take long to connect with the app and set the temp / airco?
    Can you see with the app the position of the car?
    Mine will come in a few weeks.

  9. MetCom45

    Can you make a video about how the vehicle handles, acceleration vs 1st gen Leaf, what tires the 2018 Leaf came equipped with, interior differences, what charger you use at home? So exciting to see the 2nd gen Leaf rolling out!

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