2018 Jaguar I-Pace First Edition: 0-62mph Launch First Impressions!

Thanks to Jaguar UK I was recently able to experience the acceleration of the new I-pace! Here, we try out comfort and dynamic modes and the new ‘active sound design’ that enhances the cockpit experience.

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29 Replies to “2018 Jaguar I-Pace First Edition: 0-62mph Launch First Impressions!”

  1. Gray Filtered

    Honestly in UK with the insurance prices and the parking space taxes and god knows how much you have to pay for a charge is nor worth owning one of these or any other electric car , they'll try to shake your wallet as much as possible

  2. GabrielKish

    I have a long back ground of built muscle, sports cars and motorcycles. I've had the chance to drive many different performance machines over the years but none hit like the I PACE. The launch is deceptive because there is no drama. It goes takes off.

    Its the force you feel when you are cruising alone and then hit it. That's where the I PACE hits back, harder then any car or motorcycle that I've driven or ridden in the past. No delay, no lag, no nothing except Instant acceleration. To get this feeling in a vehicle that isn't even a sports car was shocking.

    The handling feel reminded me of a 2005-2010 Jaguar XJR but with a much lower center of gravity. Very, very comfortable with the adaptive air suspension but much softer than any current Jaguar. Its a stunning vehicle, with exceptional interior quality and easy to use knobs and buttons. Not just a giant touch screen. I don't know how anyone could choose a Tesla after trying out the I PACE.

    The only thing I find very depressing is with it being so fast, with zero emissions and unreal mpg (or mpv?) what need have they for the incredible supercharged V8 engine in the Jaguar R models?

    I'd take a supercharged V8 over the I PACE electric power but if the choice was between a supercharged 3.0 V6 (or any turbo 4) I'd go with the electric cat.

  3. simon stockton

    With the sound generator are you limited to only petrol engine noises? I’d want the sound of the Millennium Falcon or a TIE Fighter! [insert favourite spaceship sound where applicable]


  4. We're in this Together Forever

    I cant wait to move on and get rid of my 2016 disco sport that is too heavy for the evoque suspension and British roads (seriously!! BWI group could have slipped magna ride on for very little)

    I hope they fit some sound deadening around the inside of the door handle and get rid of the digital noise of a petrol engine, so I can talk to my passengers or whilst travelling alone listening to bass music and flowing but cringing at the tyres falling off under this extreme weight. Be good if a brake test distance especially in the wet was covered in the vid. 5 of me in the car and it weights more than a rusty steel chassis disco 3/4!!!

  5. Paul Martin

    Well, the i8 uses internals speakers (and an external one) as well as the engine because… um, it has an engine. The rest of the audio is all synthetic. But I ask the question: why? It's moronic. Embrace the electric whine.

  6. pangrac1

    Lol adding sound is for the noise fetishist. What a dumb idea. Add fake mufflers too. :)) Even all that combustion Jags around making loud noises were very annoying.

  7. railfan gig

    Nice car and quick too in such poor conditions, no doubt all the clever electronics are constantly monitoring for any sign of wheel slip and making any adjustments necessary.

  8. Bruce Burns

    I don't know what the projected production figures are but I'm dam sure they will have underestimated the demand , and I hope they take the production to Britain so it comes as a true Jaguar from the home they originated in as well as giving the Brits the whole experience of manufacturing an E car and all the tech and employment that comes along with it .

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