2018 iPhone XS/XS Max: Everything we know

It’s everything we know about the new 2018 iPhones before their official announcement. Three models, three sizes and all the little details we’ve heard or know from OLED to LCD. If there is anything to know bout the new iPhone 9/iPhone X Plus or whatever they call it. It’s here!

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22 Replies to “2018 iPhone XS/XS Max: Everything we know”

  1. Desu to Yuki Chan NyaKawaiikyabetsu

    This phone is amazing!>>>ur2.pl/1256 I was a bit skeptical getting it because it didn't have the Home button. I thought it would take a couple weeks getting use to the phone, but after the 2nd day I'm good. It is a natural function using the swipe for changing apps and navigating the UI. The battery life so far is lasting more than a day with continuous use.

  2. God's Servant

    I hate that small black bar on top of the iPhone X it sucks because you can see pieces of the screen on either side. So when you watch a movie, video or a game it is really distracting. Even if you’re just reading something it’s distracting. Why didn’t they just cut the screen off at the bar. Instead of wrapping it around. But then apple wouldn’t have as big as a screen. So they couldn’t brag about the extra millimeter of screen size. Even though it’s annoying as hell. I’ll never buy the iPhone X because of this reason. You really screwed this new iPhone up apple. I’m sure there’s many people. Who feel the same way I do. Truly pathetic apple.

  3. Viribus Lībrātum

    I am Happy with My 7plus, until apple releases another SE. Have You heard anything about an SE coming? Thank You Very Much and Really Like how You keep Your Video Fun and Informative. I am a subscriber Now!

  4. Joe Zingone

    Not so hot on the 2018 iPhones. I didn’t buy the iPhone X because of the size. I didn’t get the iPhone 8Plus because it wasn’t an X. I’m here waiting for the iPhone XL. Seems strange they would call it an XS, with a larger screen.

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