2018 Chevrolet Bolt – Fuel Economy MPG Review + Charging Costs

We test the battery range of the 2018 Chevrolet Bolt. The Bolt’s closest competitors are:
– Nissan Leaf
– Tesla Model 3
– Hyundai Ioniq
– Ford Focus EV
– KIA Niro EV
– KIA Soul EV

7 Replies to “2018 Chevrolet Bolt – Fuel Economy MPG Review + Charging Costs”

  1. eDrive

    nice… The first 10.000 km, since I have my car, I did not pay for electricity. I always using the free 43 kW quick chargers in front of the malls.
    There it's charging round about 5 kilometers range per minute in my Renault Zoe.

  2. Trades46

    Extremely frugal to drive. I just wish the bodystyling looks less bubbly – I prefer the 2018 Leaf's looks more but this has a superior powertrain.
    I'm waiting on the 64 kWh 2019 Leaf for this reason.

  3. M

    :)).. drive in L mode,,,, it regens at .2g and the brake lights come on at .1 g ,, so you never really have to use the brakes .. it stops pretty fast ,, and holds on hills etc :))

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