2018 4K Samsung 55inch 138cm HDR TV Quad Core Ultra HD FULL REVIEW

2017, 2018 4K Samsung 55inch 138cm UHD TV Quad Core HDR . In this review we will talk all there is in this TV and we will present you TIPS and TRICKS. The Ultra HD Samsung TV 55inch BEAST UE55MU6120! In this review:
– Unboxing and talking about the diagonal if it worth buying a small 4K screen
– Specs: HDR, Smart Hub, Contrast Enhancer, HDR plus mode, Ultra HD resolution 3840×2160, PQI 1300, PurColor, Game Mode
– The new smart remote with Voice Commands with microphone
– The TV wire connections
– The Smart features: Instant Turning ON, Quick Settings
– The HDR Videos on Youtube
– The remote Voice Commands exemples
– The Tv MENU, Picture, Sound and the bluetooth connection for bluetooth headphones
– Be careful with the TV UPDATES!!! You can louse quality like in our exemple; we will publish a new video with this quality Downgrade by updating
– Controlling Denon Receiver and the Xbox with the Universal Remote
– The apps: Youtube, Facebook video, Amazon Video, Netflix. The Internet browser. etc
– How to order the channels
– Xbox One and FORZA HORIZON 3 in HDR
– Samsung Smart View: TV to Phone Screen Mirroring

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30 Replies to “2018 4K Samsung 55inch 138cm HDR TV Quad Core Ultra HD FULL REVIEW”

  1. John Murray

    do you guys know if there is some sort of configuration file for the hidden menu items. it has to be stored somewhere, doesn't it. i mean it doesn't just exist in cyber space. something like an ini file, or something like that. if so, that should be able to be copied and saved in case there is a problem with making changes. can u guys look into that? i just got my 55" Smart Samsung TV and i am already wrecking it. bad habits, I guess. thanks. jb

  2. jason1985monkey

    after some research it would appear that this is the MU6100 not the MU6120. The difference is the remote and connectivity, you should update your description as it mislead me for the last hour trying to figure out why I couldn't find this TV on ebay and amazon.

  3. Ryan Redfern

    Hi, very good review! Is there a way to plug a headphone jack into the TV using an adaptor as the TV doesn't have a headphone jack? And can you use Bluetooth speakers with the TV? Thanks 🙂

  4. light house

    Thank you for taking time to produce a video , however that's not a 2018. At this present time the only new models by Samsung are the QLED Series with FALD, and the NU8000 & NU7000 Series with HDR 10+. The 6000 Series is still the MU model, at least according to Samsung.com

  5. doug aussie

    Samsung strikes me as an innovator: curved screen, one connect box, Qled. Their number one on my shopping list, I don't want to pay thousands for a 'O' led tv that cost more than an LCD but has less parts, how does that work? and risks burn in ghosting on the screen. I don't like sony's operating system, too many complains about its quality. Panasonic and Phillips are also in my sights.

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