2017 Tesla Model S Review after two years

After two years here’s how it’s been owning a late 2017 Tesla Model S. I review the car, the user experience and what it’s like to go EV.

The Tesla Model S is by far the best car I’ve ever owned, the user experience of the car is the thing that sets it apart from the entertainment system to the self-driving capabilities the electronics, app, and thoughtfulness of the software experience of the car is what sets Tesla apart.

It’s not all roses, there are aspects of the user experience and interface that have started to show their age. The MCU (computer) on older 2017 Tesla model S’s doesn’t do all the things the newer models may promise and Elon’s twitter promises don’t always hold up to their scheduled timeline but overall the experience and car is by far the most FUN money can buy.

5 Replies to “2017 Tesla Model S Review after two years”

  1. Daniel Rodriguez

    Wait I’m confused doesn’t the browser and video streaming only work when you pay the connectivity premium of 9.99 every month, does it not work even with the connectivity premium on an older model ???

  2. Daniel Ehrich

    Great overview on the 2017 model S. Thanks to your video talking about the differences between the new Model Y and 3’s CPU I was in the process of purchasing my 2017 Model S, I asked my Tesla rep about the capabilities of the newer CPU and the Netflix, etc… He said for around $2,400 they can swap out the old CPU for the newer one that are in the 2018, 2019 and 2020. So I will be able to stream Netflix now🙌🏻

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