2017 Tesla Model S P85D Full In Depth Review | Evomalaysia.com

So I’ve driven the Tesla Model S. And it blew my mind.


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  1. Chong Cskiat

    I found the problem about that car. It doesnt have an engine, and because it doesnt have an engine when you're driving fast and keeping an eye on the road you cant "hear" how fast youre going, thats what happened to Richard Hammond in Grand Tour while hes driving a thousand hp electric car

  2. Lucas Gaming

    I got a problem…
    'Safest Car in the World?'
    No I don't believe so I hope Tesla sent the improved version of the Model S to IIHS soon I hope I reach at least the 2019 IIHS Top Safety Pick then I buy it no need the Top Safety Pick + the regular award I will buy it.
    (Just to let you know what I mean by 'No' is that it scored the Euro NCAP's 5 Stars but on IIHS the small overlap the 2017 Model S got acceptable even a my Passat got a good.

  3. Lucas Gaming

    Whelp I need them to get the P100D 2017 Model to malaysia no matter even if it cost like my house Ill get it
    0 – 60 takes 2.4 Seconds :O
    Air Suspension (Lol Nvm my Passat has it)
    296 Miles of Range (The F)
    Ludicrous :O Explode your heart

  4. eug3nius

    Now that the electric novelty factor has worn off, Tesla has a mountain to climb. Porsche is releasing the Mission E electric car in 2019 for around the same money, and they know a hell of a lot more than Tesla about making a car. Audi already has the E-Tron electric SUV which looks better and is more luxurious and better built than the Model X.

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