9 Replies to “2017 Chevrolet Bolt Premier EV – 14.5.0 Update Results”

  1. T Jam

    Hey Chris,
    I’ve never taken my car in for an update. Then all the sudden, I get a message on the dash an update is ready.
    I followed the instructions, any update installed successfully.
    I’m now at version 14.5.0 B
    Maybe the “B” indicates an over the air update was completed.

  2. Dennis Lyon

    Chris – it seems like the battery software update was freshened recently, since some has said that their range calculations were way off after the update, and there were some new quirks that showed up on certain cars. It appears that if the car is taken to the dealer with a high state of charge, that the crazy range thing doesn’t happen. Mine has not been in yet. Yes to great mileage in the warmer months. On the flip side to your kwh/100 km, our statistic in US is miles/kWh, where 4 is a good target (approximates the estimated 238 mile range), and I’ve seen several 5 mile segments which are in excess of 6 miles/kWh during my cross town runs of late. Even with our lower gas cost in US, this translates to an mpg equivalent of over 100!

  3. Norman Campo

    Hey Chris. Love your videos. I was able to do the radio update over the air but I am taking my 2017 (delivered Dec. 22, 2017) in tomorrow for the battery control recall. I am on the island (Comox Valley) and our B.C. Hydro rates are .884 cents for up to 22 kWh per day and 13.2 cents after that so to be fair I don’t think you can cost your electricity cost at 10 cents per kWh. The good news is though driving around the valley mainly in town my trip averages are now 11.3 to 11.4 kw per 100 km. I always charge to hilltop reserve but range is over 500 km. I also have a creaking noise on starting off and coming to a stop. You would probably not hear the creak if there was a ICE running but I will see what they find.

  4. A Alberto

    Hello Chris, thanks for the video! I also took my 2018 bolt in for the battery recall update after GM sent me an urgent letter about it via fedex.
    My wife drives the car now at about 75% highway and she’s getting 16kw/100km under normal driving with temperature set to 22C.
    She loves it and I can’t wait to get mine hopefully in September ? will most likely be a 2019 model as per the dealer.
    Keep up the great work uploading videos and creating more awareness about the Bolt.

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