2017 Chevrolet Bolt Premier – Charge Me Up – Level 3 Style!

I travel 500 kms on Vancouver Island levering Greenlots Level 3 / DC Fast Charging stations. Winter temperatures and highway speeds reduce EV range. Here, I travel 500km at a cost of $10 CDN (2 cents / km). Had I been driving my Honda Odyssey, it would have been (20 cents / km).

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  1. idmuse

    Thank you Chris for all your insightful videos. I have found them very interesting and enjoyable and they have for sure helped me in my decision to buy a BOLT. That’s one more on the North shore!

  2. Matt Barnes

    Hi Chris! Always love your very informative videos! I’m getting excited! I should be able to buy a used 2017 at either the end of 2019 or early 2020…I’m wanting to pay cash and excited to go all electric!

  3. Eduardo Villegas

    I drive a 2018 Bolt (3000 miles).  Perfect for city and suburbs. Know where to charge.  Overpriced but you drive without  guilt of poisoning the air or being the cause for our oil wars (as in the case of Venezuela now) Enough room for tall folks, but seats need improvement. Little to no breaking or maintenance. Fast and quiet.  Range decreases big time in cold weather and when A/C is on. Need faster charger at home.  State and Federal reimbursement of 7500 and 2000 still available. Minimal battery degradation. Best decision. Never going back to gas.

  4. Rennie Allen

    I have two EVs a Bolt and a Toyota Mirai. I use the Mirai for long distance travel since it has 300 miles range and recharges from absolutely empty to 100% (300 miles) in 5 minutes.

  5. jamaf99

    Hey Chris. Jeff here from the island. I charge my bolt at the Level 3 charger at Super store in Nanaimo FREE. There is another Level 3 Charger in Duncan at the Island savings centre. Thats not free. There is a Level 3 charger in Victoria in the underground parking lot of the Uptown mall. Thats not free. The Chevy dealer in Victoria has a level 3 charger. You just have to ask. There is a free level 3 charger in Sidney just off the ferry across from the Mary Windspear centre in the Beacon plaza .

  6. Moto arzan

    WHAT, WHAT, WHAT…3000KM to a tank of gas…what is this magical car you speak of, and how can I get one before the sun sets today??? This his what I tell people about my Bolt and then they start to get what an EV is about. I also tell them that in warmer weather above 19C I get 4000km to a tank of gas equivalent (comparing cost of gas in a regular compact car vs home hydro rates charging my Bolt)

  7. captainsemtex

    Great to hear about the Vancouver Island chargers, Chris. I’m also in North Van so experience the same weather but I’m always amazed how much better range folks get. I don’t accelerate hard or drive at 120km/h and the heater is only on for short blasts… yet my consumption is ~22kW/100kms. Would love to know the secret to your lower consumption.

  8. Ryan S.

    If you don't mind me asking. I am looking at possibly getting a 2019 Chevy Bolt. I was wondering what the worst range you've experienced in the winter there in BC? I live in New England and figure you might be the best apples to apples number.

  9. Fraser Cassells

    I was under the impression BC Hydro doesn’t allow anyone to charge for electricity , and under their power smart initiative all their level 3 chargers are free . Who did you pay money to . BC hydro ? Great videos btw, always watch.

  10. jason pineau

    Fun fun fun till your daddy takes the ev away!! Just picked up a Slate Grey Bolt premier. It's surreal, addictive and it's the future!!
    Chevy has knocked it out of the ball park with this one. Enjoy your posts great info. Chow for now Chris Wayne's Wheels Ancaster Ont.

  11. Dennis Lyon

    Chris – use departure timing when charging to 100%. This way the battery is warmed up and ready to go if your departure time is known. No sense in letting the car sit at 100% charge level more than a couple of hours tops. Good to hear that you’re able to get around more with new access to fast chargers, and free ones to boot! Efficiency looks pretty good for winter use. Sounds like the round trip was painless for you. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Norman Campo

    Hi Chris
    Thanks for the video. We are getting lots of charging on Vancouver Island and most of it is free for now. Victoria has a couple, Duncan, Superstore in Nanaimo,Parksville, Qualicum Beach. Even the rest area at Buckley Bay has just put in about 4 level 3s and a couple of level 2s. The last time I checked they weren’t running yet. Living in Royston we use the Courtenay Superstore one every week. We haven’t paid for any juice for over 6000 km. I have let out of towners go before me if they need to and have a limited range car. So far with our type of driving our average usage is still at 13.5 but we keep our car in a garage and don’t do a lot of highway. Plugshare app. shows most of the chargers. It is easy to get to Long Beach now with several choices along the route. I put on Nokian snow tires mounted on alloy rims and they haven’t seemed to affect our range or average much.

  13. evtrekker13

    Nice Chris. Can't wait until Alaska gets "a" level 3 charger. Not even 1 Tesla Super Charger but I see a Tesla almost every day. I'm still considering a Bolt EV and keeping the Volt for my son though.

  14. Greg Kent

    Just bought a 2019 Bolt LT in blue. Love it! I live is So. NJ and park outside. Doesn't get as cold as you get, but do you do as the manual says and plug in at home when the temp is below 0º C or above 100º C? If you don't, what are the consequences or it is just cause a delay not being able to start until it warms itself up. Nice detail on your trip showing your range. Thanks, Greg

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