2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV- ‘World Exclusive!’ Video Demonstration of Energy Assist App

I finally got the My Chevrolet ‘Energy Assist’ application working on my Samsung mobile device. I haven’t seen anyone post video on this huge game changing app from Chevrolet. Enabling a ‘Tesla like’ Trip Planner ability for the Chevy Bolt!

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  1. Michael Boyce

    Energy assist still has a long way to go.
    It does not appear to take into account the tapering that occurs during fast charge sessions. It also does not seem to take into account that charging costs are usually per minute.
    It told me to hit the first CCS at 68% percent full battery, then charge to 100% It recommended that I charge to 100% for multiple stops on CCS.
    It takes forever to do the simple task of finding my location.

  2. Matt Barnes

    Chris great videos as usual!! Do you know if you need a monthly subscription for the my Chevy app in order to use this? I’m thinking my next “New for Me” car will be a used 2017 Bolt EV in 2020! I’m saving now!

  3. T Long

    Just tried it and found a flaw. Planned a trip from LA to San Jose and the planner found a route going north on interstate 5. Unfortunately there are no charging stations along the 5. You can take the 99 going north and the 99 has dcfc’s but the app will not automatically use that route. I would say that’s a minor inconvenience but it would be nice if it would select routes with chargers along the way automatically.

  4. Michael Aye

    What would be even better is, if one could 1. Define a destination battery charge I want to be at when I arrive, and/or 2. Plan the round-trip most efficiently, so that I could go to the destination, but also return in the most time-efficient way. Are those things possible?

  5. Craig Ephraim

    One thing I just noticed is that, if you click on the DESTINATION and say "open in maps", it routes you directly to the destination, without showing the stop(s). I had to click on my first stop to get a route to it. Correct?

  6. T Jam

    Do you know if the energy assist app takes into account elevation change along the route? I believe Tesla’s route planner does…
    Thanks for the information! I gave up on my Chevy app. Because I tried it a couple of weeks ago, and keypass and other items didn’t work. I’ll try it again!!

  7. mosfet500

    I have the My Chevy app it connected initially but it hasn't connected in the last few months. It's cold here now I'll try it in the morning, would be nice to have the energy assist working.

  8. M Wong

    So, you are saying the smart phone navigation apps (Maps and Google Maps) use phone's data plan only for determining the start and end point of a given route or when one deviates from the original route?

  9. yoyit2Dan

    hey Chris, ive been searching all over for info on the Bose sound system, but i havnt been able to find much. could you make a video about the sound system and maybe show the location of the subwoofer?

  10. yoyit2Dan

    Awesome! I was initially disappointed by the apparent lack of this feature! Great to hear it is available 🙂

    Ps. The leaf does have a similar route planner. It shows to circles around your location on the map. The inner circle is how far you can go with a return, and the outer circle indicates your one way travel range.

  11. Carlton Wilson

    Another great video Chris. I've used the route planning of the My Chevrolet app ,but I manually inserted the charging stops. I didn't realize that it can do it for you.
    I don't know if you noticed ,but when you manually enter a charging waypoint you can set the amount of charge that you want and it will calculate the time to add to your trip.

  12. Bruce Kackman

    This is a really exciting capability.  I've been watching your videos for a short while now as I became interested in purchasing my own Bolt. I think I have caught up with all the videos you've produced.  You have been a wealth of information and insight. I would give you a fair amount of the credit for my decision to go ahead and purchase.  I pick my car up tomorrow and I'm really excited.  I will continue to look forward to new gems you discover and hopefully have my own to add.  Keep it up Chris, I'm a fan of you and the car!

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