8 Replies to “2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV – Wireless Mobile Phone Charging”

  1. Lori A

    Hey Chris, it's now Jan 2019. I just bought an Apple XR phone with Qi wireless charging capability. I've had a 2016 Malibu Premier that has this charging pocket. I was geeked to finally replace my older iPhone with one I could use in my cars charger. To my frustration, my infotainment system does not recognize my phone. Went through the cars settings as far as Apple Car Play, the phones paired, and I'm still waiting for the case I ordered online to arrive so I've been attempting to get this working with no case on the phone. Any advice? Do you think the car needs a software update or something? They did an update about 6 months ago at the dealer. You just pulled that pocket out? Should I be able to do that and possibly wipe it out with a very damp cloth or something?
    Hopefully you'll see this very soon because I'm kind of disappointed:(

  2. R

    Omg I can't believe the BOLT supports wireles charging I have the S8+ And didn't know about that wireles charging,thank you so much for your Videos I watch them All so far it helps me discover things I can Do with my Bolt?

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