2017 Chevrolet BOLT EV vs. 2017 Renault ZOE EV comparison

Technical comparison between 2017 Chevrolet BOLT EV vs 2017 Renault ZOE 40 EV.

Dimensions (length, width, height, wheelbase), engine (maximum power, torque, battery), performance (top speed, acceleration, range), trunk size, price.

Detailed 2017 Chevrolet BOLT EV review:

Detailed 2017 Renault ZOE EV review:

Please note that this is only a technical comparison, based solely on technical details of both cars. Not a real life Chevrolet Bolt vs. Renault Zoe test. Images are taken from the manufacturer website.

12 Replies to “2017 Chevrolet BOLT EV vs. 2017 Renault ZOE EV comparison”

  1. Electro Aimant

    Don't get me wrong: I f I could own a Bolt (e-Ampera in Europe) I would. It has a better mileage, is bigger and so on. But when I read comment saying than it's "better" or more advanced or better built (written by blokes who actually never saw a Zoe  in real life…) it makes me laugh. The mileage per capacity is less compared to the Zoe.PS) FYI,  the Zoe is already on the street of Boston (http://www.theverge.com/2016/12/30/14127098/boston-autonomous-driverless-car-testing-2017)

  2. Electro Aimant

    What this video doesn't show is the mileage per range. Apart from the Kia Soul, and even so, no other car can match the Zoe. I own one since 2013 and my average consumption is 14.5 kWh/100 km. ( Others can even reach 12  kWh/100 km in summer….) The Bolt doesn't even close to that. And they didn't compare the price in the same currency. How can a car which is bigger, bulkier, heavier be more efficient?Also charging hasn't men mentioned. I can charge at 44 kW and go from 0% to 80 in 30mn. Beat that.

  3. Mark Gailmor

    Right, and I have loved the Zoe ever since I heard of the launch of the first model a few years back. Unfortunately, we here in the U.S. do not have access to this amazing car or any of Renault's cause since the French picked up and pulled all of their cars from our shores. The only way I see them reentering this market is for Nissan, who they have a partnership with, to import the Renault Zoe 40 to the U.S. It would need a dedicated team of dealers across the U.S. but I believe it would be a very profitable business venture for the French. Especially since we have always been on good terms with them.

  4. Pedro Córdoba Pérez

    Also, keep in mind that the prices shown for the ZOE are with the rental battery. If you want the battery in property (wich is standard on the Bolt/Ampera-e) with "Intens" level equipment, its 33.925 (according to official Renault web for Spain).

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