2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV – POV Test Drive & Review

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36 Replies to “2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV – POV Test Drive & Review”

  1. Glenn Jubilee

    We bought one last week(LT) w/all the incentives and rebates. That being said WHAT A GREAT CAR!! I agree, some things could be improved but I'm not complaining when I don't have to pull up to a gas pump. Oh, I'm lying. We have a Prius and a John Deere plus some two stroke tools. 🙂

  2. Adithya Ramachandran

    Did you film this video in Rochester Hills ?

    I actually think the Roads there are good compared to where I live.The bad roads + cold winters are what make me think twice before buying an electric car. I'd much have something like the volt in an AWD crossover form.

  3. Andrew Cantu

    You're wrong, the Bose audio system is excellent. You should've adjusted the tone controls because the car ships with them set flat. After I adjusted the tone controls in my Bolt I noticed a dramatic enhancement in audio quality.
    When you tested the regen paddle you didn't test it in combination with the L driving mode. The combination of the two decreases the vehicle speed rapidly and increases the regen voltage.
    Your review sounds like your searching for things to dislike. If you discussed the comparisons between the Bolt and the other EVs in it's market segment your review would've been a lot better.

  4. Andrew Cantu

    I do not understand reviewers who are dinging Chevy for their decision not to include a built in GPS. Every auto manufacturer’s GPS interface I’ve ever used is clunky, slow and unintuitive. I prefer using Apple Maps, Google Maps or Waze via Apple Car Play or Android Auto. It only takes 2 seconds to plug your phone in. It’s too bad you didn’t familiarize yourself with the advantages of using the My Chevy app or the Plugshare app to locate charging stations. Both tie directly into Apple Maps, Google Maps or Waze with the touch of a button so you can easily locate a charging station with the mapping app you’re using on the 10.2” display.

  5. arjunsecondary

    we had the hyundai ioniq ev at the dealership i work at so i took it for a whip. I have never personally owned an automatic car and my daily is still a manual which I love because it is fun to drive and all that. But, the EV was surprisingly fun! The instant torque really makes all the difference. The cars feel like toys or something. It's pretty cool. I still prefer my manual but damn, an EV is kinda fun!

  6. vidiansodality

    I love this review. So relaxing. I truly felt like I was driving along with you. On to the car. My only drawback with this vehicle is the price. Even with tax credit (that is if qualify for the entire $7500) it is pretty expensive for what is the fit and finish of an upscale economy car. There is also the cost of installing the level 2 charger in my garage. Hmmm I have to think about this one. Great review

  7. Justin M

    I really wish the dealership here in Montana had one to test. But the extreme cold, -20-30 in the winter, seems to not play well with batteries. I'd love to own one though.

  8. Camden Meyer

    My wife has a Chevy Cruz and my mother in-law has a Chevy Trax and they both have terrible rear suspension. When I ride in the back I get nausea almost every time; I have never had this issue in other cars. We live in Ohio and have some rough roads and the ride in the back is harsh.

    The Chevy Bolt seems like a great car for my every day driver but I am worried about the harshness of the ride… I am waiting for one to be in my area so I can test one out.

    Thank you for the review.


    I really wish VW would hurry up and give the eGolf more range (200+) and power, it is a very great quality car and dynamics are great for the price as you so mentioned. Would consider the Bolt as my gap filler while awaiting my Model 3… but the Bolt seems narrow and tall, 2 things I don't care for…. drop this battery in an eGolf and I'd be happy?. Thanks for reviewing this!

  10. Jim Bradbury

    I like what I see with the Bolt and it will probably be what I will buy when my 2015 Leaf lease runs out the end of the year.
    Looking at this video gave some ideas of what not to do 1) don't wear a head mounted camera, it bounces around too much, and 2) don't drive into the sun with the sun in the lens most of the video. This is not the best idea when making a video. 3) Have the video planned out in advance so you don't ramble with your thought presentation during the video. Stay up-beat.

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